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Head Teacher’s
Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,
With days to go before we break up for Christmas I wanted to
pass on seasonal greetings to you all from all the staff at GTS.
At the end of a busy term we are all looking forward to the
Christmas concert on Thursday evening at St Michaels Church.
We have a few staff who will be leaving over this term and into
the spring term next year. Mr Jon Berry who has been working
in the maths department as an LSA will be going at Christmas,
and Mrs Gill Kerr who has worked in the Design Technology
department as an LSA, will be leaving in February. They have
both helped so many children in their time with us and will be
greatly missed by pupils and staff. We do wish them both well
for their future.
We have also had some new arrivals since September. Mr
David Atkinson has joined as our Safeguarding and Wellbeing
Officer and Mrs Zoe Brent as Pupil Coach for Endurance. In
January we will see the arrival of Mrs Emma Lefort and Mr
Colin Bryant who are both joining the team of LSA’s. Ms Sarah
Anstee will be joining the Humanities team to teach
Geography and will also be the lead teacher for Outdoor
Learning. We have also welcomed Miss Natalie Whiskin who is
teaching Maths and PE. We also wish Mrs Charis Furness all
the best whilst on maternity leave and look forward to hearing
her exciting news.
I hope you enjoy reading about all the activities and events
that the pupils and staff have been involved in over the
term. There has certainly been some great fund raising events
for our named charities and I would like to thank everyone but
especially Mrs Michelle Whitney for the marvellous Tutor
Trading event. I believe anything repeated twice that is that
good has to become a ‘tradition’ in the build up to Christmas.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
Warm regards
Tracey Amos
Tracey Amos
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