Winter Newsletter 2016 - page 13

School news
Hackfest, Venturefest Coding, Science and BBC Spotlight
Hackfest project was an exciting project that GTS hosted, took part in and won! The Hackfest involved pupils from across the
county coming together to create and produce prototypes that respond to the issues of the future, this was led by FabLab,
Devon and Plymouth College of Art. The two winning GTS teams: Aquapro & Sea Buoy attended Venturefest South West, a
showcase of the most cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurship coming out of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. They
took their product prototypes to the conference to show off their products and deliver a presentation to potential investors.
The highlight of the Sea Buoy team was being interviewed by the BBC Spotlight team about their invention. This project led
our young people to discover new technologies and inspired their design thinking and innovation skills.
Year 7 Learners’ Baccalaureate Challenge ‘Leaders’
In Year 7 one of the challenges that they all participate in is the @Leaders’ Challenge where they investigate the skill of
leadership. Part of this challenge is to interview leaders in the community and recent articles have been published in the
Torrington Crier. Another part of the challenge is to produce an artwork. I think you will agree that this leaders class has
produced a stunning piece of artwork of Mr and Mrs Avery.
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