Winter Newsletter 2016 - page 12

School news
Mr O’Donnell Performs antiquated methods of
surgery in Class
In true ‘Horrible Histories’ style, Mr O’ Donnell plucked volunteers from his class to help perform a gruesome leg amputation
with a rusty old saw! Did you know the record to saw off a patients leg was 29 seconds without any pain relief! This of
course, was all an act to put across the dramatic, but vile real life stories about the transformation of surgery between 1845-
Note: No Pupil was harmed in the process!
Ninja Maths
Year 7 GTS pupils are being invited to take part in
mathematics quizzes to enable them to earn Ninja
belts. Numeracy Ninjas is being introduced in their
normal mathematics lessons at GTS to help develop
their mental maths skills further. The amount of right
answers achieved by the pupils represents which level
of ninja belts they are to be awarded. The belts start
from a score of 0-3 points for a yellow belt up to
scoring 30 points for a black belt. There is also a
Grand Master certificate for those pupils wanting to
aim higher with their mathematical skills. The belt
awards are displayed on the noticeboards and
certificates will be presented in assemblies with
Reward points being added to their totals.
For more information on Numeracy ninjas visit:
Spring Term 2017
Term Begins: 4th January
Half Term: 13th - 17th February
Last Day of Term: 31st March
Training Day: 3rd January
Summer Term 2017
Term Begins: 18th April
Half Term: 29th May - 2nd June
Last Day of Term: 21st July
Mayfair Day: 4th May
Winners of GTS Spelling Bee
Competition 2016
Emily Herbert and Fintan Connor
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