Winter Newsletter 2016 - page 11

Jeans for Genes Day
We are pleased to say that we managed to raise £812.92for
Jeans for Genes day. An extraordinary proportion of the final
sum was raised by one individual, Joshua Cann from EgLMA ,
who raised a staggering £214 by a sponsored fast for 24
hours. The money will help to support children and their
families who have genetic disorders. For more information
about jeans for genes please visit
Total raised £819.92
NDJ Young
Hero & Charity
On 30th September, Megan Healay
hosted a Macmillan Coffee morning at
her father’s place of work and at GTS to
raise money and awareness for
Macmillan Cancer support.
Having already previously arranged a
coffee morning in 2015, Megan was keen to raise even more
money this year , and baked lots of goodies to sell. We are
proud to announce that Megan Raised over £500, which is more
than double her amount of last year.
Making a Difference
Our Tutor Trading Post event raised an extraordinary
amount. GTS pupils raised
to be split between the
four charities chosen by the house teams. An amazing
amount of effort and ingenuity went into all the stands.
Scotty’s Little Soldiers
Endeavour House raised money in December for Scotty’s
Little Soldiers. A military charity to help bereaved children
and young people who have lost a parent whilst serving in
the British Forces. An incredible
was raiseddurin
the non-school uniform day.
Children’s Hospice SW
Resolution House held their non school uniform day before
October half term. In December they were able to donate
the proceeds, a cheque for
RpGTC & EgASP help
Gambia Twins get an
Tutor Twinning led to this fundraising idea with a difference.
The two classes RpGTC and EgASP joined forces to take part
in a Sponsored line write in a traditional classroom set up.
GTS pupils, including Mr Cooke and Mrs Sparrow wrote as
many times as they could, “Hama and Adama deserve an
education!’ They raised £83.42 for the Farakunku
Foundation. The aim is to raise £60 per child to send them to
school for the year. What a good start they have made.
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