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School news
National Poetry Day
GTS took part in National Poetry Day and embraced the
theme for 2016, ‘Messages’. Here is the winning poem
for the Year 7 & 8 category by Stan Pateman. To read
the other winning entries please visit our newsfeed on
our website.
They say
They say they don’t,
don’t spread hate
over the colour of a man’s skin.
They say they support the forty fourth president,
but he still stands behind a glass of discrimination,
whilst they insult his memory.
They say they’re sorry you died,
but they were the ones who spat on your grave
and killed your brothers who dared follow in your
They say they disrespect the men
who bundled you into wooden prisons that floated you
into chains.
Instead of breaking chains, they oiled them.
They say they only fired in defence,
but no weapon was ever found.
Now another family suffers.
They say they do not follow the hooded clan,
but they were the ones who killed the mockingbird
and hunted you down like a disease eroding their
They say they are sorry that a man no longer has a
dream, but we can dream on for him.
You asked for nothing but equality;
you were met with brutish violence,
as they preached men to hate
But your children have survived, through the injustice.
They will end the hatred
“By any means necessary.”
By Stan Pateman, Year 8
GTS is pleased to receive
The Prince's Teaching
Institute Mark
Prince's Teaching Institute (PTI) launched the Schools
Programme in 2007 to recognise and reward school
departments that develop inspirational ideas and activities
which enhance the teaching of Art, English, Geography, History,
Latin, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and
Science, regardless of their pupils' backgrounds or abilities. It is
run as a membership group for school departments that choose
to commit to increasing the challenge of their subject provision.
Our Science department received the PTI Science Mark in
recognition of the increased activities that we run here at GTS;
such as hosting a Big Bang at GTS event; providing extensive
opportunities through our enrichment programme; developing
subject based links with employers; and investment into staff
subject knowledge and teaching practices carried out in
The PTI's Schools Programme is open to all state secondary
schools in England. To become members, school departments
must demonstrate their commitment to increasing teachers'
subject knowledge, and to furthering their students'
understanding of and enthusiasm for the subject, regardless of
their background or ability. To achieve the PTI Mark,
departments then have to demonstrate that they have increased
the challenge within their subject curriculum; developed their
staff's own specialist subject knowledge; developed subject-
based links outside school; and enthused their pupils through
subject-based activities beyond the curriculum. After three years
of Schools Programme membership, departments may choose
to become Associate Departments by devising an advanced
multi-year programme in one of these areas. As Associate
Departments they will share their growing expertise with others
in the Schools Programme to the benefit of all.
Ms Higgs, Head of Science of Great Torrington School said, 'We
are extremely proud that the Science department have been
awarded the PTI Mark. Miss Neve-Scott's hard work has led to
successfully gaining the Princes' Trust Institute Mark for the first
time in July 2016 and is at the beginning of a three year project
which will allow us to complete the PTI Schools' programme,
which we hope will result in us becoming a designated Associate
Science Department of the Princes' Trust. We are all very proud
of this outstanding achievement and are looking forward to
continuing the development of our practice.'
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