Winter Newsletter 2015 - page 9

with Flying
Congratulations to Ellie
Curley and Matthew Snow
who took part in the North
Devon Theatres Bronze Art
Award. During their work
experience, the two students
were behind the scenes
gaining experience in all
areas of the theatre to
complete their award. Ellie
and Matthew were just two
out of twenty-one students
taking part in the award and
they passed with flying
colours. The moderator was
so impressed that they have
expressed an interest in
putting forward their folders
as case studies for Arts
Award nationwide!
Jackie, the moderator,
'Excellent, rich, diverse
and high quality arts
experiences for young
people, seamlessly
combining Bronze with Work
Experience. Young people
are very positive about the
structure, support and whole
experience - an excellent
model to use in the future.'
The formal certificates from
Trinity College London are
now being processed and
should be in our possession
in the next few weeks.
Year 11 at Westward Ho! carrying out their research
GCSE Geography Coastal Management
In order to carry out fieldwork as part of their GCSE course, Year 11 young geographers went
to Westward Ho! with Mr Marston, Mrs Bloomberg, Ms Nikki Miller-Marshall and Miss
Mounce. Students studied many topics on the trip, including coastal deposition and
landforms, and discussed the formation of the coastal features; they also looked at the
process of coastal erosion and defence strategies.
Students enjoyed making lots of sketches, taking photos and collecting data on wave cut
platforms. They also judged the effectiveness of the sea defences and drew their own
conclusions about the future of Westward Ho!
The final step for our young geographers will be to pull their research together to produce
their controlled assessment report on Coastal Management.
Future Architects—2nd Prize for Owen
Every summer, Great Torrington School Year 10 pupils participate in Work Experience with
local employers. The Fearley Lott Architects welcomed two pupils from GTS, Owen Seward
and Caitlin Knox, in the office for a week. Throughout this time, both students worked with
members of the organisation to learn what being an architect involves.
This year, Fearnley Lott Architects gave both these pupils a chance to enter a RIBA Cornwall
competition to design new beach huts. The competition was organised and hosted by
Catchfrench Design, and judged by James Cock, an RIBA Cornwall member, and four
undergraduate architecture students from the University of Plymouth. Both Caitlin and Owen
created their initial concept sketches, sectional drawings and floor plans using CAD
We were extremely pleased to hear that both Caitlin and Owen received a superb work
experience placements and received some excellent feedback from their employer about the
level of work produced and their professional manner. Rebecca Fearnley RIBA, from
Fearnley Lott Architects, said: “Both students showed real skill, and would both be able to go
on and train as Architects.”
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