Winter Newsletter 2015 - page 7

Have you got
what it takes?
Have you got what it takes?
is the slogan adopted by the
new GTS LBacc ‘Leaders’
challenge, which aims to teach
a variety of important
leadership skills to our Year 7
pupils. The challenge is divided
into different areas of
expertise, including PE,
Science, Literacy and History,
where they must learn to work
together efficiently and
effectively as part of a
successful team. We have
managed to liaise with local
community role models, who
have experienced leadership at
some stage in their careers,
whom the pupils have had the
pleasure of meeting and
interviewing at length. This is
has been a really successful
element of the challenge which
culminates in the pupils writing
a biography page for each of
the guests they interview,
which will then be published
and sold as a book at the end
of the Summer Term. The Year
7s have already had the
pleasure of interviewing a
Head Teacher, a high-ranking
Councillor, a Police Community
Support Officer, an ex-Mayor
and a local charity
Chairperson, which has given
them the opportunity to test out
their journalistic skills as well
as learn lots about their
individual roles as leaders. We
hope that all pupils will grow in
confidence throughout the
course of the challenge, and
take away valuable skills that
will improve their ability to work
harmoniously with other
members of a team.
Nathan Fussel showing Year 7 what the conditions were like in the transatlantic slave trade.
Slavery Trade
Pupils in Year 7 are studying and
researching about the history of
slavery, including the trafficking of
Africans to new colonies and the
conditions that they worked and
lived in. We were thrilled to
welcomed in Nathan Fussel who
brought in a bag full of enthusiasm
and shackles, guns and other items
connected with the slave
trade. Pupils were taught about the
cramp conditions that slaves were
expected to travel in. Nathan also
reflected that these people were
moved from their homelands and
they took with them their languages,
craftsmanship, skills, arts, music
and parts of their culture are now
left in legacy in our own cultures
without even realising. We look
forward to end of year when a
fantastic exhibition on slavery will
be on display at the Torrington
Museum for everyone to see.
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