Winter Newsletter 2015 - page 5

MTV Video
The MTV video music awards
are a very big part of pop cul-
ture and the GTS music and
performing arts department put
together a brand new scheme
to push every child in Year 9 to
use their creativity and musical
talents to produce their own
music video. The project came
to its climax at the end of the
summer term when the whole
year group submitted their fi-
nalised piece for the others to
vote on in an MTV-style music
video awards ceremony. Mr
Simon Robilliard, Music
Teacher: "Probably the best
scheme of work I have every
taught.......and it's only going to
get better"
The pupils worked on their
script and created their story
board, shot a music video with
some choosing to use green
screen technology to mime,
act, dance and sing against.
Mark Pluckrose, Head of Per-
forming Arts, was very im-
pressed and said, "It was great
to see all students working
hard toward the same
goal. The challenge merged
the performing arts together in
a way that I never thought was
possible in a school."
GTS School Choir with the new Choir folders sponsored by the Rotary Club
We live for books
Well done to everyone who has made such brilliant progress with reading this year.
7 and 8 take part in the Accelerated Reader (AR) programme from Renaissance
Learning. The programme is targeted to help us monitor students’ independent
reading. Students choose a book at their own level and read it at their own pace.
Once finished, students take a short quiz about the book on the computer. Passing the
quiz is an indication that they have understood what they have read and gives both
students, staff and parents immediate feedback based on their quiz results. At GTS we
also honour students with reward points which go towards their personal recognition
awards as well as towards their House points.
So far
his year there have been
Year 8 pupils and
Year 7 students
recognised on the “You’re A star” board in the library. These students have achieved
100% in more than on
Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader book quiz. Please
encourage more Year 7 & 8 pupils to take a quiz on a book they have read.
Please encourage more Year 7 & Year 8 pupils to take a quiz on a book they have
Highest Year 8 Nina Whittaker EbBD = 17 quizzes. Year 7 Nathaniel Bridgwater
DrKEQ 31 Quizzes.
100% Quiz Achievers
Thomas Leonard, Kathryn Mitchell, Charlotte Bellamy, Paige Busby, Jasper
Hemsworth, Jasmin Sherrett, Jade Smith, Rebecca Miskovic, William Nicholls, Nina
Whittaker, Christopher Hunt, Joel Clement and Lloyd Flack.
Mary-Jean Davey, Ben Drew, Harvey Hodge, Owen Hutchings, Eddie Mitchell,
Rhiannon Pett, Aiden Craker, Sophie May, Sophie Mitchell, David Ashman, Nathaniel
Bridgman, Sky Hopkins, Courtney Martin, Poppy Mercer-Phillips, Harrison Hendy,
Emily Meardon, Leo Randall Hobbs, Georgia Duncan and Bethany Northover.
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