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Headteacher's Message
Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,
I do hope you enjoy reading this terms newsletter. With just a week to go before
we break up, it pulls together so many things to celebrate that have been achieved
by the pupils and staff since the start of term.
We have just been informed that our results from the summer place us in the top
10% of schools nationally for academic progress for the second year running. This
is a fantastic achievement for our young people and an accolade for the staff.
Our Year 7s have settled into GTS life and its lovely seeing so many new faces
around the school. We had a visit from a school in Wales a few weeks ago. The
staff commented on how focussed they were and were very impressed with their
enthusiasm for their learning. Year 11s have received their mock exam results.
All that is left for them to do now is to work really hard preparing for their exams
next year. We know for a fact that those that put in the extra effort get the results.
We say goodbye to Mr Matt Pound, Head of Learning for Endeavour who has
gained a promotion in a school in Cornwall. We will all miss you. We also welcome
Frances Weaver (Level 3 LSA), Nichola Greig-Wills (PA to the SLT) and Clancy
Stephens (Hardy Centre Manager).
We have an exciting last week of term to look forward to, on Thursday we are
hosting the Big Bang @ GTS and in the evening we are holding our Christmas
concert at St Michael’s Church. I do hope that pupils and parents will be able to
join us for both events. Finally on Friday we are holding our first ever GTS
Christmas Day.
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.
Tracey Amos
GCSE Awards
On Tuesday 17th November, students who
left this summer returned to receive their
examination certificates. Pupils, friends
and family attended the event which was a
lovely evening celebrating this year group’s
successes and it was a great opportunity to
catch up to see what they are doing now.
Our inspirational speaker was Leo Cooper,
Communications Manager for the North
Devon Hospice, Olympic Torchbearer,
Devon Chairman of Round Table, Captain
of Ilfracombe Rugby Club, Youngest
Ilfracombe Town Councillor and has a First
Class Honours Degree.
His message was clear: the measure of a
person’s success is down to the kind of
person you are, not the things that you
achieve along the way. Leo used the
sporting analogy of ‘the score takes care of
itself’ to share with us all the importance of
focusing on the here and now, rather than
always looking at what we are trying to
reach; meaning that if we succeed with the
little things: being kind, supportive, caring,
helpful then your goals will take care of
themselves. Much food for thought from
Leo Cooper.
Linda Oke and Alison Curtis
Tutor Trading Post—Class EgAMW showing off some of the
items made for the fayre
£1000.00 raised for EDUKID!
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