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Great results for GTS Cross
Country Runners
Thirty two students represented Great Torrington School in the North Devon Schools
Cross Country Championship at West Buckland School on Thursday 3
There were around 50 students in each of the six races from schools across the North
Devon region competing for one of the top fifteen places to gain provisional qualification
for the North Devon Cross Country Team.
Great Torrington School did extremely well, with six students being provisionally placed
and we await to hear the final results.
Congratulations to everyone taking part:
Year 7
: Neve Cox, Tiegan Marie Wright, Freya Foster Collins, Tilly Rook, Hannah
Kelly, Aiden Craker, Callum Wonnacott, Adam Cox, Tommy Hillyer, Kieron Sargeant
Year 8 & 9:
Sophie Hedden, Anna and Pippa Beer, Emily Tyrell, Jade Craker,
Charlotte Bellamy, Jodi Rowtcliff, Fin Pettifer, Adam Laughton, Oscar Jarrett, Bailey
Stubbings, Kian Petherbridge, Jack Magarotto, Jordan Wonnacott.
Year 10 & 11:
Hannah and Emily Livy, Lily Pyke, Caitlin Stacey, Curtis Pyke, Oli
Taylor, Nathan Board, Trai Sheppard.
Especially well done to: Sophie Hedden (7
), Anna Beer (10
), Emily Tyrell (9
), Adam
Laughton (11
), Oscar Jarrett (9
), and Curtis Pyke (12
The GTS Cross Country Team competing at West Buckland
Wembley Trip
“I really enjoyed the Wembley trip
as it was pretty well organised with
such short notice. I also think there
should be more football trips like
this as the demand for tickets was
very high and was deemed as
quite a popular trip. I would defi-
nitely go again, especially if there
was a France 2016 EURO Trip.”
James Taylor
“My fave highlight were the chants
that we came up with in the stadi-
um. We also tried to do the Mexi-
can wave – but no-one joined in.
When England scored, the atmos-
phere was immense. It was also
my first time to London, let alone
Harrison Palmer
Rugby Development
Despite some cold weather, wind and rain GTS
pupils have had some fantastic training with
RFU Rugby Coaches across the year groups.
With all secondary schools in the area taking it
in turns to host a year group hold a tournament
against each other. We look forward to next
term when fixtures start.
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