Winter Newsletter 2015 - page 12

Of Mice and Macbeth
(Spoiler Alert!)
In November, students from Great Torrington School visited The Plough Arts Centre
to see Justin Kurzel’s
, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.
This marvel was ‘mostly’ performed true to the Shakespeare’s original text. The
sets captured the audience, transporting them to the C11th and the performances
were outstanding.
The film did have flaws. The opening battle scene was extremely graphic and the
dialogue was, at times, hard to understand, partly due to the thick Scottish accents,
and partly due to the C17th style. The witches were bland and characterless, yet did
hold an uneasy presence and it also felt like some key scenes, like Lady Macbeth’s
suicide, were sacrificed for Fassbender to have more screen time.
Overall? Worth seeing.
The following Sunday GTS returned to The Plough to watch a National Live Theatre
performance, of Steinbeck’s classic, Of Mice and Men, starring James Franco and
Chris O’Dowd.
This surprisingly comic adaptation captured Steinbeck’s writing. It showed the
strong bond between George and Lennie; the loneliness of Curley’s wife; the need
for companionship for all people, and most vividly, Lennie’s untimely end.
Outstanding acting brought the whole production together. It stuck strongly to the
original story, meaning we got a mostly untainted retelling of the tale. As we had
studied this story for GCSE, we were able to focus on the play’s finer points: the
acting, set design, dialogue etc. without having to wonder where the plot would go.
One negative was the dialogue’s heavy foreshadowing. Though Steinbeck’s text is
rich with foreshadowing, it is mainly within the description of the characters and the
surroundings. The director clearly wanted to represent that through the actors,
however, it felt needlessly crammed in, disrupting the flow of the play.
Would I recommend it though? Certainly. A wonderful play beautifully performed.
Ryan Crosby and Ben Harrison, Year 11
Mr Marston providing some words of
wisdom on mock results day.
Poland Trip to Krakow
Year 11 Mocks
Year 11 pupils were invited into the hall to
receive their mock results. The afternoon
was filled with excitement over the
eagerly anticipated grades with some
pupils delighted over results, but others
less pleased and eager to do better in the
Members of the senior leadership and
teaching staff spent time going over the
results with pupils. This will then be
followed up with the release of predictive
grades on the Year 11 Progress checks
via Sims Learning Gateway by the end of
the week.
We strongly encourage that everyone
attends their parents’ evening
appointments on Monday 14
where together we can work out a plan to
take control of their own learning and
reap the awards they deserve.
A really successful afternoon and we wish
all of our pupils all the success in the
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