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Year 7 meet Lubly
We welcomed back Mr Paul Stevens into school this term. Paul has de-
vised several one-man shows that tackles some serious and sensitive
issues that young people have to learn to face. Year 7 talked about bully-
ing and its effects and the power of peer pressure and how you can deal
with that.
His drama workshop with Year 7 explored the issue of bullying and how it
affects every one of the individuals involved. Paul ensured that every
child was included in the workshop with plenty of interaction and time to
reflect on what had happened in the play.
In each of the workshops, the pupils were asked to consider whether
something is 'a laugh' and if others are joining in, is it OK? The pupils
watched Paul act out a character called TIMVIC as he changes over time
to LUBLY. Pupils explored questions to discuss ideas such as 'Is it ok to
be myself?', 'What if being myself means being different?', 'Do I like my-
self?' and 'Should I change or pretend to be like someone else?'
Pupils were then asked to choose a comment they wanted to make to a
partner even being given the option of being 'cruel' and reflect on the
choice they made as well.
This was a marvellous chance for our Year 7s to develop their ideas and
beliefs and then be challenged about those thoughts about what is ac-
ceptable behaviour and understand how to become self-aware of your
own actions and those of others.
This was a really lively and engaging day of drama and thought-provoking
discussion with the importance of the play's theme reinforce by plenty of
Drug Talk
Students in Year 10 at Great Torrington
School have been entertained by a
presentation on drugs education. Actor
and performer Paul Stevens works with
GTS and performs his one man show,
‘Spyral?’, which emphasized the
importance of drug awareness and the
impact of drug taking during the difficult
years of adolescence. As always Paul
combines his humour and comedy with a
more serious tone and used a variety of
symbolic masks and puppets to reinforce
hard–hitting life messages,
Actor Paul Stevens performs Spyral.
Photo Caption
Shout it Out!
At GTS we raised the profile of anti
bullying week by reflecting on all the
great and positive things we do as a
whole team. We thought about how we
support our friends, our staff our
families and ourselves. The key
message was if you are worried or
concerned about yourself or a friend, to
talk to someone. There are various
methods available within GTS, there
are staff to talk to, peers and the’
Junior Leadership Team’, we even
have a secure email
address if you do
not feel comfortable to talk to someone
face to face :
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