Winter Newsletter 2014 - page 7

We have been studying zoo animal
behaviour and exploring the importance of
enrichment activities for captive animals.
We’ve thought about device safety and
studied about what animals do in the wild
and what they feed on. We adapted a ball
and tried out different scents like honey,
lavender, bubble-gum, mint and citronella.
They loved the citronella, it was cool to see them prod and
pounce around with our ball. I wouldn’t mind working in a Zoo, I
hadn’t thought about working in a zoo until now. It would be fun!
By Harley Petherbridge
Photos from our trip to Paignton Zoo, December 2014
Pick ‘n’ Mix Perfect
Taking part in the Great Torrington School Battle of the Bands was an
exciting and amazing experience because I learnt to play the keyboard,
having never played it before. For me, having the opportunity to play in
front of an audience was a nervous time but I’m glad I did it, because it
has boosted my confidence.
I think that having more confidence is good because I will need it in the
future so I’m glad that doing Battle of the Bands has improved my
confidence a lot.
Before the battle of the bands, music didn’t really inspire me enough to
perform to anyone. But now I feel that I can, and be part of a band.
Our band was called ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’. We chose this name because we all
played a different and important part in our performance. Also, each
and everyone’s part was unique so you could really hear the effort we
had all put in. Our band consisted of five players.
After our performance, I felt proud of the band because we performed
and practised and came 3
. As a band, we worked well together
making our performance extra exciting because we were with our
friends. I’m thankful that Mr Robilliard let us choose our groups, it
definitely made a difference.
We spent six weeks practising our song, ‘Counting Stars’, over and over
again until it was nearly perfect! When we finally got it right, it sounded amazing. Everyone’s instrument was chosen
meaning we all really enjoyed what we were playing. I really hope that our next music project is as fun as this because I have
gained so much from this one.
The only improvement I would make to this is I would like to practise more at the place where we performed.
By Hannah Lang
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