Winter Newsletter 2014 - page 6

7Q Renewable Energies
This week saw the close of the second challenge for our year 7
students. 7Q took over the Plough Arts Centre for the morning
in order to hold their own town planning meeting. The
meeting was attended by the Mayor Mr Rumbold, Mayoress
and Deputy Mayor Mrs Simmons, the students were debating
the issues surrounding placing a wind farm in the Atlantic sea
off our local coastline. The students each expertly explained
how the plan would affect different people within our
community. We were astounded by the professional and
persuasive speeches produced by the students. All pupils contributed to the buffet after the town meeting by planning,
preparing and cooking a dish. They had thought about using sustainable ingredients, seasonal food, how many food miles and
how healthy their contribution was in their planning. When cooking their dish, all pupils worked brilliantly being independent
and helping each other. A very successful outcome for 7Q!
Well Done ! Miss Higgs, Ms Sparrow, Ms Miller-Marshall
A Day That Really Made a
Day of Difference made a fair amount of my opinions about
certain things change, for example, Asylum seekers should get
into the country a lot quicker than they currently are. I also
got to know that not all African people are rich or poor, and
many of them had a good education, so when they come here
as immigrants they really do help the economy and should not
be getting abuse because of their race. Without immigrants
Britain would be boring and not as advanced as we are. In
fact, we really rely on immigrants in this country.
We also learned that first impressions are quite often wrong
as we saw in many cases that their career was definitely not
the career you first thought. Most of my opinions didn’t
change, but just got reinforced by the Day of Difference
programme such as the one above and how looks don’t affect
the person they are inside. Another one that I was surprised
to hear was that some people thought all Muslims are
terrorists; I was shocked as I found that so racist. What was
interesting was, in the first exercise of the day, for some
reason the first thing that came into mind was colour and
religion, followed by their potential job. I wouldn’t call myself
racist but for some reason that happened, and I felt ashamed.
However, when we all got asked about it nearly everyone said
they had felt the same, so that showed that society’s thoughts
need to change. After the Day of Difference, I don’t think like
that anymore.
Oliver Taylor
Congratulations Spelling Bee Winners
We had a fabulous set of spellers for this year’s event!
Winners are Seamus Brady taking first place, followed
closely by Olivia Richmond and in joint third Lewis
Burton and Primrose Hill. Top Spelling everyone!
Nominations now open to recognise our young
people for their volunteering in the community.
Look for the link in our newsfeed.
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