Winter Newsletter 2014 - page 5

This year Great Torrington School once again welcomed
Appledore Book Festival and children's authors into school
as part of the schools programme. Mrs Ward also took a
group of children on the finale day to Bideford College to
meet with Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman. Pupils
came back buzzing from all the author visits which gave
them lots of opportunities to express and develop their own
writing ideas. Here are what a couple of pupils had to say.
On the Edge of My Seat
On Monday 15
September, as part of The Appledore Book
Festival, the author Christopher Edge came to talk to us about
his amazing books. Because the way he writes inspires me for
my writing, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. He gets his
ideas from a picture and then he creates something amazing.
12 Minutes to Midnight
was such a powerful book.
By Daniel Lobb
Meeting The Dark Lord
I was so surprised to be invited to GTS school library to meet
author Jamie Thompson. He was in character as
The Dark
He taught us how to mimic the voice and posture of his
malevolent character. Towards the end of the session we
designed our own Dark Lord; I created a truly bizarre creature
with a monobrow, and ‘I love my Mummy’ tattoo and purple
skin! It was a hugely enjoyable experience.
By Ben Wise
Finally ...
Congratulations also goes to two Year 7 pupils Kristen Hellens
and Owen Hopkins on winning second prize and third prize in
the U11 age group in the Short Story Competition. Very well
done, indeed.
Who dunnit?
This week saw a murder in the science department. Students from the forensic science E&I group worked with the local police
to attend the crime scene and collect vital evidence. Over the coming weeks they will run scientific analyses on the evidence,
including fingerprinting, chemical testing of substances, blood analysis, fibre analysis to name a few. With this devious criminal
still at large, hopefully the group will have the evidence to convict the culprit in the coming term.
Mrs Rachel Higgs, Head of Science
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