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Pupils study youth culture of the past
Mods, Rockers and Punks took to the stage in Year 10 History fashion show. Students this term have been investigating the
culture of the 60’s and 70’s. They discussed why the subculture developed in the UK and then looked at the style, behaviour
and researched their musical influences, class, ethnic and gender differences and how society viewed these cultures. The
finale to the project was to put on a fashion show to portray these characteristics to their peers.
Dear All,
It is quite difficult to know where to start at the end of such a
successful term at GTS. I think most importantly is to say
‘thank you’ to the staff, pupils and parents. It is through their
energy, enthusiasm and efforts that we are creating such an
exciting environment in which to work and learn.
I would also like to thank the increasing numbers of
employers and the local community who are getting involved
in educating our young people. It is allowing us to expand the
opportunities available to them, whilst giving them a real
insight into the world of work and different careers.
I am delighted to tell you that Mrs Moores and Mrs Furness
are both expecting their first babies and so will be leaving
shortly to go on maternity leave. We look forward to hearing
of the safe arrivals and wish them well at such an exciting
time. We also have a first time dad, Mr Farmer and his wife,
who are expecting in the New Year.
Mr Butler and his wife are the proud parents of a beautiful
little girl and we welcome back to the staff, Mrs Frickleton
after the birth of her second baby.
We also welcome Mr Royl (for Mrs Furness) and Mrs
Bloomberg (for Mrs Moores). Mrs Miller-Marshall will
become the Head of Discovery in Mrs Moores’ absence.
We say goodbye to Mrs Ellis and Dr Phillips who are retiring
and wish them both a long and happy retirement and also
farewell to Miss McCarthy who is relocating further up the
map. They have all been part of GTS for many years now and
will be missed by everyone.
A final goodbye to Mrs Paiano, our SIMS Data Administrator,
who has gained a promotion – we wish you every success.
Taking over as Head of Learning for Endeavour will be Mr
Matthew Pound. He will be joining us in January and we look
forward to working with him.
I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. We are also
delighted how many of you are following us on our Facebook
page and being so supportive of what our young people are
It is so encouraging to see and hear how proud you are, and
rightfully so, of their daily achievements. We are also very
proud of them too.
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.
A very proud Headteacher.
History students 11B, met with Peter Scott whose visit was
arranged with Torrington Rotary Club. He spoke to 11B about
World War 1
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