Winter Newsletter 2014 - page 12

Emma Nicholls, Year 8: The Lille Christmas shopping trip
was a great experience because we got to go into lots of
different shops, and we had to use our language skills
which we had learnt in French to help us buy things. We
got to meet new people and make new friends as well as
having fun with other friends. We had lots of independ-
ence but the teachers were always nearby so if we had a
problem we wouldn’t be that far away from them. There
was plenty of things to do such as going on the big wheel
shopping in the Christmas market as well as on the high
street in addition to that we got to go to cite de Europe
which was a great experience as we had to order our own
food and manage our time wisely. A good thing was that
we always had a map and we then could tell where our
favourite shops were and we organised which shops we
would go in and where we would eat. As well as that time
management was key because we always had to meet up
after a couple of hours. I would definitely recommend this
trip because we had to use new skills and despite all of
the travelling it was definitely worth it.
Rotary Young Chef of the Year Competition. Congratulations to Trinity
Hickford who went onto to represent GTS at the North Devon Round.
Congratulations to Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award achievers 2014.
Yr 10 Engineering group learning to make a
sliding bevel
Future Opportunities Evening very well attended
from Year 8 and upwards. An excellent oppor-
tunity for parents and pupils to talk to employers
and educational establishments.
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