Winter Newsletter 2014 - page 11

Great Torrington School were selected to be one of the 20
schools nationwide to host a 'How-to...' workshop at this year's
SSAT (The Schools Network) annual national conference at
Manchester Central on 4th and 5th December.
The conference is of international importance and featured
educationalists such as Lord Kenneth Baker who is
instrumental in introducing the City Technological Colleges;
Harvard professors Pasi Sahlberg and Eric Mazur; and Sugata
Mitra, inventor of SOLE (Self-Organised Learning
Environments) Learning and of 'School in the Cloud' and 'Hole
in the Wall' fame.
Great Torrington School teachers: John Stanier (Assistant
Headteacher), Adrian Farmer (Team Leader of the GTS
Learner's Baccalaureate), and Gill Clayton (Assistant
Headteacher) presented a workshop entitled 'How to build a
genuinely learner-focused curriculum' about our Key Stage 3
Learner's Baccalaureate curriculum. There was a lot of interest
from the audience and the workshop was very well received.
In being asked to host this workshop, The GTS Learner's
Baccalaureate has been recognised as innovative and
important by one of the most influential educational bodies in
the country.
Great Torrington School are holding a Learner's Baccalaureate
Open Day on 5th March for teaching professionals only
followed by TeachMeet North Devon.
Please contact John Stanier at
if you
are interested in attending.
Our subject inspection report carried out at the end of October
demonstrated the tremendous work being done by pupils and
teachers across the school each and every day. Ofsted visited to
look at all the work going on around mathematics. This meant
watching lessons in mathematics right across the year groups. It
was a very positive report which highlighted the many strengths
of the school and the steps which have been taken to ensure all
children achieve their potential. We were delighted that the
School has been judged as a good throughout the inspection.
We were particularly pleased that Her Majesty’s Inspector also
took time to see the fantastic learning that is happening within
our Learner’s Baccalaureate lessons in Year 7 & 8 and was
extremely impressed with what he saw.
The inspector highlighted that:
“GTS have succeeded in developing a culture of learning (with
staff and pupils) throughout the school.”
“The quality of teaching and examination choices in Key Stage 4
ensure that these students are well prepared for advanced-level
courses when they leave school.”
“Increasingly effective links are made with the curriculum in other
areas of the school, particularly for younger students through the
Learner’s Baccalaureate. This is helping to develop students’
skills in collaboration, communication and problem solving.”
“Teaching reflects high expectations of students’ achievement.”
“All groups of students make good progress in mathematics. The
most-able students in particular achieve well.”
“A larger proportion than expected consistently secure the
highest grades at GCSE.”
The subject inspection report for Mathematics can viewed on
our website.
17th December Kieran Blight & Tom Ley studied
scales and measurements in mathematics with
Mrs Hookes. They produced a life size puppet of
Tom Ley using his exact measurements.
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