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The first performance of any
ensemble is always a real test! The
choir, who worked so hard on the
run up to the event performed out
of their skins in the Quire of
Torrington Church. They exceeded
my expectations magnificently,
paving the way for future successes.
The audience was also enthralled by
the varied and talented soloists,
duets, trios of all descriptions. Not
one of them underperformed. The
evening embodied the motto of
Dream, Believe and Achieve. Staff
and students should all be very
proud of their achievements.
Mr Simon Robilliard
Students tackle a
range of issues in 3Rs
Great Torrington School pupils tackle a range of important,
social and health issues in their 3Rs lessons this term. A
range of interesting speakers and activities are lined up
through the year and different topics are covered within
each year group. Many of these activities are not only
enjoyable but also thought provoking.
Actor and performer Paul Stevens who is a regular visitor to
the school performed different workshops combining
humour and comedy with a more serious tone and message to students to a variety of years.
With Year 10 he recently entertained and involved them in his workshop on drugs education called, “Spyral”. Year 7 talked
about bullying and its effects and the power of peer pressure and how you can deal with that. Pupils were asked to consider
whether something is ‘a laugh’ and if others are joining in, is this OK? The pupils watched Paul act out a character called
TIMVIC. This was a marvellous chance for Year 7s to develop their ideas and beliefs and then be challenged about those
thoughts about what is acceptable behaviour and how to understand how to become self-aware of your own actions and
those of others.
Year 8 welcomed the British Red Cross who
trained the whole year on their ‘Save a Life’
scheme. Pupils were trained on the basic
skills of first aid and how indeed they could
save someone's life by equipping them
with some simple skills and knowledge.
Year 11 this term have been visited by a
Dartmoor Prison Warden, who talked
about the grim realties and routines of
prison life. Year 9 have been focusing on
skills and future destinations in
preparations for their options in January.
The Pilgrimage is a play about two tribes, the shepherds and the goatherds. Both
families have been at war for so long that they have forgotten what peace looks like.
Nothings looks like it will ever change until one day when a goatherd called Josef,
played by Patrick Stark, wanders into the Shepard's valley.
The cast of Year 11 GCSE students were extremely professional and created a very
organic and believable performance.
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