Summer Newsletter 2016 - page 9

Autumn Term 2016
Term Begins: 5th September
Half Term: 24th - 28th October
Last Day of Term: 16th
Training Days: 1st & 2nd
Spring Term 2017
Term Begins: 4th January
Half Term: 13th - 17th February
Last Day of Term: 31st March
Training Day: 3rd January
Summer Term 2017
Term Begins: 18th April
Half Term: 29th May - 2nd June
Last Day of Term: 21st July
Mayfair Day: 4th May
Charity Work & Fundraising
The appliance of science during Salters’ Festival
GTS pupils joined other schools across Devon and Cornwall to take part in the
Salters’ Chemistry Festival, where they competed against each other in two
practical science challenges in Truro College’s laboratories.
The first challenge was set by Salters and required the teams to complete a
forensic report based on ‘evidence’ collected related to a fictional crime. The
team had to apply skills of observation, deduction, and careful experiment to
identify the victim and suspect. The team successfully completed the five
challenges involving techniques such as chromatography, test tube analysis
and manipulation of chemical reactions. The second challenge was set by
Truro College, “Save the TARDIS”, involved pupils using sodium bicarbonate
and citric acid, with the aim of reducing the temperature of a beaker of water to
10.5 degrees C in one minute. Last of all, the pupils enjoyed a science
demonstration from Truro College’s technicians of fire an ice.
We believe that charities are an
integral part of the school
community. We recognise that
charities change the lives of
people in need every day with
even the smallest of donations
making a large impact in a
community. We are committed
to raising funds in aid of Edukid
where we sponsor five children
in Uganda to go to school. This
year members of Endurance
house made book bags and
stuffed them with resources
including a GTS PE top and
letters from the class. Please
look out on Youtube for a short
film about the children receiving
their goodies.
This is the total of money raised on the non-uniform days:-
Discovery – Children In Need - £666.22
Endeavour – Stand up to Cancer - £946.00
Endurance – EDUKID - £632.10
Resolution – St Michael’s Church Organ Fund - £582.64
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