Summer Newsletter 2016 - page 8

Employers & GTS
celebrate Tea Party
On Thursday 14th July employers, business
partners and pupils attended a tea party
organised to thank them for their efforts and
support across the school, whether it was
offering work experience to Year 10 or being
support to
the school
The event also announced the launch of the
second Big Bang event at GTS on Friday 7th
October, the launch of the Hackfest project for
years 9,10 & 11 and showcasing the support
that employers offer to GTS curriculum.
We are grateful to receiving this lovely
feedback from a visiting employer:
With so much bad publicity regarding young
people today, it is delightful to see that trend
well and truly debunked and the school
generating well-balanced, passionate
individuals with both the academic and non-
academic, softer skills required to excel in
life and the workplace.’
‘I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet
you, the pupils and see an outstanding
education establishment. ‘
Work Experience
In July, all Year 10 Great Torrington pupils were given the opportunity
of experiencing the big wide world to sample a variety of career
paths. Pupils attended their work experience placements, both locally
and across the country.
Pupils on work experience are encouraged to fully participate in their
chosen work placement to learn key life skills such as: working with
people of varying age ranges, developing independence and being
organised and reliable.
The Year 10s have done exceptionally well and excelled themselves,
making the school proud. Employers gave their time to support pupils
on placements, which has resulted in our pupils returning to school
enthusiastic and with a better idea of what the future holds. Below is
some of the feedback we have received from our pupils.
“ Doing work experience I gained a lot of skills and had a lot of fun. It was
very busy and very tiring.”
“I loved my work experience because I learnt a lot and felt like I was useful.
They explained everything thoroughly and taught me well. I got experience
in office work and farm work.”
“I enjoyed my work experience. Although it's not want I want to do when I
finish education, I felt like I learned new things that might help me in the
future. All my colleagues were helpful and really nice.”
“I loved how social it was and how independent I felt. I had loads of
responsibility and I loved how I was challenged differently every day. I feel
that this has greatly improved my confidence and ability to talk to new
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