Summer Newsletter 2016 - page 6

Imperial War museum and
London Dungeons
On Wednesday 13
July, 58 Year 9 and 10 pupils set off at 5.30 am
from Torrington along with Mr Marston, Mr Bunyard, Ms Sparrow, Mrs
Oke and Mr O’Donnell to visit The Imperial War Museum in London
and the London Dungeons. The Museum focuses on the role of the
military in the 20
century and the main focus of our visit was to study
the battle of The Somme through contemporary film. The 2 classroom
sessions were excellent and involved an expert from the museum and
our pupils analysing film to see what it can tell us. There was also the
opportunity to handle a range of primary sources from World War 1
such as machine guns, rifles, shells and other artefacts. Pupils also
had time to explore the museum’s 5 floors which cover all the major
wars of the 20
and early 21
After a short walk down to the Embankment we then went to the
London Dungeons where we were all terrorised to varying degrees by
a visit to, amongst other things, a plague doctor, Sweeney Todd’s pie
shop and an encounter with Jack the Ripper. There was a lot of
screaming involved at the dungeons but everyone seemed to have a
good time.
I would like to congratulate all the pupils on the trip for their
involvement and enthusiasm and add a special thank you to the staff
who gave up their time to make it all possible.
Mr O’Donnell
Imperial War Museum & London Dungeons Trip
School News
GTS Transition
Year 6 arrived to GTS Transition week
full of excitement and trepidation.
During the week pupils spent their time
camping at
Ultimate High
in Westward
Ho! where they surfed, walked did high
ropes and all sorts of other wonderful
They also experienced school life by
taking part in a mini STEM challenge
workshop. IET Faraday challenge gave
pupils the opportunity to research,
design and make a prototype to a
genuinely tough engineering problem.
In this case pupils worked in teams to
design and build a system to move
water from one source to another. It
seems a good time was had by all
Year 6 quickly settled into Transition
week and took part in a range of
learning activities around school and
camp designed to familiarize
themselves with their new year group
and surroundings.
A special thanks go to the Year 7
Transition Leaders who helped Year 6
during their transition days, they are a
credit to the school. We are looking
forward to welcoming Year 6 in
September as Year 7 pupils.
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