Summer Newsletter 2016 - page 4

Overcoming adversity and
setting goals.
Year 9 3Rs classes met Mark Ormrod on Friday 10th June. Mark is
a former Royal Marine who was injured whilst serving in Afghanistan
in 2007. An IED explosion led to Mark losing his legs below the knee
and his right arm. Despite his injuries, Mark lives a life full of
challenges. He has completed numerous sporting challenges,
written a book ('Man Down' - available in the GTS library) and plans
to compete as a para athlete and swimmer.
Mark's example of resilience and determination was humbling to us
all. Resilience, the ability to meet challenges head on, is an
important school value and Mark demonstrated this outstandingly
well. We were privileged to meet Mark and hope to see him at GTS
again in the future.
Architects of the Future: Fergus
Mclean, Matthew Gray, Alfie
Betts and Matt Gray created
winning designs when they
recently entered a ‘Harry Potter’
based competition and won a trip
to the Harry Potter film set at the
Warner Brothers Studio in
To win the prize, the boys had to
answer questions about the film
sets of the Harry Potter movies,
including their thoughts on what
materials were used in different
The final challenge was to design
a common room for Hufflepuff
house. As the competition was
designed to expose young people
to how starting a journey in
architecture could lead to
unexpected places – for example
a film set – questions also had to
be answered on the educational
route to the career and also
design skills had to be shown by
designing an area of set.
The producers on the Harry
Potter films ONLY hired
architects for set design – on
their winning trip the pupils will
learn why this is so and the
architectural skills that were used
to good effect. The competition
was organised in partnership
between DCON (Devon
Collaborative Outreach Network)
and Petroc. Well done boys
School News
5th GTS Art Show at
the Plough
It was exciting to see the return of
the GTS annual art show up in the
gallery showcasing their fantastic
work and celebrate their success! If
you missed the chance this year to
view the exhibits in the gallery then
look out for next year’s date, we
would love you to be there.
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