Summer Newsletter 2016 - page 15

UK Mathematics Challenge 2016
Great Torrington School took part in the annual UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate and Junior Maths Challenge/ The
challenge is organised and produced by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT), a registered charity established in 1996,
whose aim is to advance the education of young people in mathematics. The UKMT organised national Mathematics
competition both in the intermediate and junior challenge, involves answering 25 multiple choice questions in one hour,
sat in school under normal exam conditions.
High Performers, the top 40% of pupils in England and Wales receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the ratio 1:2:3
and each school receives a Best in School certificate. In the Junior Maths challenge, a further several thousand pupils
from across both year groups (7 & 8) are invited to sit the Junior Kangaroo paper, again a one-hour paper with 25
multiple choice questions. We are delighted to announce that this year Jake Irvine, Year 8, achieved this attainment.
Junior Challenge—60 GTS Challengers
Bronze Award Winners: Alfie Myhill, Emma Quance, Aidan Davey, Tom Beer, George Cook, Finley Golder, Freya Foster,
Harvey Hodge, Nathaniel Bridgeman, Charlie Sears-Avery, Eddie Mitchell, Lauren Peters, Leo Randall-Hobbs, Baz
Meeson, Lydia Wooldridge, Joshua Smart.
Silver Award Winners: Callum Knox, Sadie Dennis, Samuel Newberry, Emma Moulton, Joshua Wright-Stainton (also Best
in Year), Fintan Connor, Isabel Pollit, Jake Ford.
Gold Award Winners: Jake Irvine (also Best in Year) and Oliver Luxton.
Intermediate Challenge—57 GTS Challengers
Bronze Award Winners: Molly Magarotto, Thomas Gaskin, Euan Gillespie, Daniel Andrew, Jude Glanville, Keeva Dennis,
Chelsea Stapleton, Sadhbh Connor, Nell Gierke, Zuzanna Jankowska.
Silver Award Winners: Tallula Smithson, Jack Taylor, Harry Bartlett, Isabelle Webb, Harry Cox, Callum Vingoe (also Best
in Year), Luke Bromhead, Megan Sowden, Lilith Foster-Collins, James Clement, Anna Beer, Andy Hodge and Pippa
Gold Award Winners: Tom Luxton, Caitlin Gallagher, Sam Cork, Freddie Webber, Jesper Beer and Ben Burrows (also
Best in Year).
Ben Burrows, Caitlin Gallagher, Sam Cork, Tom Luxton, Freddie Webber all scored high marks and progressed to the
next round with Caitlin Gallagher achieving a merit .
Well done to all the pupils that took part.
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