Summer Newsletter 2016 - page 10

School News
Reading at GTS
Reading for pleasure is at the heart of GTS
and we are very proud of our 'reading
culture'. Pupils are enthusiastically
encouraged to read throughout their time
here. For example in Year 7, all pupils read
independently for at least twenty
minutes every day, during which time they
may also use the library and earn extra
reward points by taking a fun quiz on any
book they have recently finished.
We also have a fantastic morning reading
club, where younger pupils can receive extra
help with their reading from a range of
volunteers including staff, parents, governors
and older pupils too.
This term also sees the launch of our new
Reading Buddies initiative. A number of non-
teaching staff members will be giving up 20
minutes of their time regularly to buddy up
with a particular pupil who will benefit
enormously from a
bit of extra
attention regarding
their reading.
World Book Day
A heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who took
part in World Book Day on the third of March.
We had some wonderful entries in our
costume competition from staff and pupils
alike, although only the pupils earned reward
points for their efforts! The winner was
Nathaniel Bridgman, with 2
and 3
going to Jack Guppy and Edward Bushell.
Their prizes include a selection of Gillian
Cross books, plus - of course! - an Easter
egg. Thanks also to everyone who took part
in our 'Drop Everything And Read' on the
day. Year 7 and 8 also took part in
Readathon, a sponsored reading event to
raise money for seriously ill children in
Mind boggling facts about
GTS reading
The most quizzed books are R J Palacio (Wonder & The Julian
Chapter), David Almond (My Dad’s A Birdman), David Walliams,
Morpurgo, Dahl, Rowling, World of Norm, Dork Diaries, Tom Gates,
Jac Wilson, Maze Runner, Divergent, Hunger Games, Diary of a
Wimpy Kid, Girl Online, Dirty Bertie.
Year 7 took 1,223 Accelerated Reader book quizzes
30+ passes
Nathaniel Bridgman DrKEQ (3,775,038 words). Harvey
Hodge RpKRS, Sky Louise Hopkins DrJJB, Poppy Mercer Phillips
EgPTR (2,293,286 words), Bethany Northover RpGTC, Leo Randall
Hobbs EbBD
20+ passes:
Stuart Cowan EgAMW, Georgia Duncan Hope
EgLMA, Harry Hendy DrRHI, Owen Hutchings RpCLC, Courtney
Martin EbDCR.
10+ passes:
Chelsea Babb DrKEQ, Cleo Babb DrJC, Louis
Brown RpKRS, Edward Bushell DrTNS, Amelie Folland DrRHI, Car-
rie Lawrence DrRHI, Sophie May RpMBL, Emily Meardon EgAJF,
Edward Mitchell RpSJD, Isabel Pollitt EbAG, Paris Sturman DrBI,
Finn Leigh Towse DrTNS, Tyler Whittaker EbBD, Joshua Wright
Stainton RpJCK,
Year 8 took 441 quizzes and passed 327
7 students passed 10
+ quizzes: Sadie Dennis RpGTC, Bethany
Evans RpGTC, Megan Evans RpMBL, Jasmin Sherrett DrBI.
20+ Passes
Jasper Hemsworth DrKVM, 30+ Passes: Kathryn
Mitchell DrKVM
(1,862,68 words),
Nina Whittaker EbBD (4,059,544
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 11,12,13,14,15,16
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