Summer Newsletter 2015 - page 9

Ardeche 2015
The Science department held a STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering and Maths) day for Year 9
pupils , with the Siemens Curiosity Project.
The pupils worked on a carousel of six real world
scenarios of STEM projects and rotated through six
different workshops throughout the day to spark
curiosity into the careers available.
Topics included: Medical Magnets, which investigated
how engineers apply knowledge of physics and
magnetics to develop MRI scanners; Space Craft
Landing, where they became engineers and built,
designed and tested basic landing systems. Students
learnt about various mechanisms of shock absorption
and reducing impact, before completing an engineering
Factory Floor: this gave pupils a chance to practice
their analyzing and planning skills, required by engineers to
maximize efficiency of systems and processes in
manufacturing. Students found this harder than it looked, as
they worked in a factory production line to try and be the best
team in the class.
On the Float the Boat challenge we welcomed Gillian Gray, a
naval architect based in Bideford, as a STEM Science
Ambassador to work with pupils on looking at how and why
ships float (and sometimes sink!). Pupils learnt about the
concept of buoyancy and water displacement and were
required to design a watercraft that will support a given
amount of weight.
At the start of July, 34 intrepid GTS pupils (and 4 nervous
staff) set of on the 24 hour coach journey to the South of
France, on a watersport activity week to remember. After
arriving at Segries (into 42 degree heat!) and dumping our
bags in the log cabins, we set off for 3 days of canoeing and
cliff jumping (with lots of other games thrown in too) down
the 60KM of Ardeche Gorge. On day 4, we spent the
afternoon at Aqualand – a massive waterpark in Cap
D’adge, which was amazing and a major highlight for all.
We then travelled down to the Mediterranean and our
second campsite in Mimosa , where we took part in a range
of sports such as
banana boating, sailing (from fun boats
through to Catamarans), snorkelling, abseiling, climbing
and sit on top sea kayaking for our final 3 days.
Each evening
all the pupils took part in a range of fun
activities on site and enjoyed mingling with lots of other
pupils and schools from all over the country (Yorkshire,
Plymouth and Folkestone to name a few), and
as always
the trips out to local towns
gift shopping and sampling the
local culture
were much enjoyed.
The trip is amazing; it is a stunning part of the world and a
real eye opener for so many of our pupils, some of which
had never been out of Devon
yet alone the UK
he pupils were fantastic and really threw themselves into
every opportunity that arose, even sampling snails on the
last night. We could not be prouder of them all for what
they achieved and how much they experienced and learnt
over the 10 days. We know they all loved it, as it is
impossible to wipe the smiles off their faces when we see
them around school
we can’t wait to take another 40 odd
pupils in 2 years’ time – book early though as the places
filled within an hour of being advertised last time around!
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