Summer Newsletter 2015 - page 7

Aside from the
competitive aspect of the
Aquathon, it is a
wonderful activity for
parents to observe, and
for the children to partake
in. Aquathon is an event
for primary school pupils,
that takes place in Torrington and consists of a swim followed by a run. GTS pupils
go along to help with the running of it.
Even before their races, everyone was buzzing with excitement; it is great to see
that in this day and age, children still have a fantastic hunger and desire to compete
in sporting activities. A young member of Great Torrington Junior school remarked
that he was, “excited”, although he did also seem confident as he exclaimed, “I'll
probably win!” The overall atmosphere of the event was incredibly supportive and
welcoming: regardless of what place a child came in, they would be cheered right
to the line.
Teachers and parents from each school all agreed that it was a great day out for
their pupils and children, commenting on the “fantastic organisation”, and all said
that they would happily send their child off to another GTS run event in the future.
For this, a big thank you is owed to all GTS young volunteers and teachers, as well
as all primary school teachers and parents involved, and the staff at the swimming
All in all, it was a fantastic day for all involved, and hopefully the children that
competed will take something away from this and continue to pursue an athletic
dream or goal that they would like to reach.
James Clement, Year 9
Prom 2015
Year 11 celebrated the
end of their time on
Friday 10th July 2015 with
a Prom, at the Barnstaple
Hotel. The girls donned
their most sparkly and
glamorous attire whilst
the boys suited up for the
During the evening, pupils
enjoyed a knife and fork buffet, GTS photo booth and danced the night away to
the now well established staff band, 'Uptown Folk', followed by a disco with
surprise DJs, Head of MFL: Mr Matt Anderson, Head of Performing Arts: Mr Mark
Pluckrose and Performing Arts Technician: Marcos Williats.
The Year 11 Prom was a great success; thanks to all staff involved, especially Head
of Resolution House and Music teacher, Mr Robilliard and members of the Year 11
Prom committee, Alice Mills, Lois Stone, Tammy Foster-Weir and Chloe West.
Mr Robilliard said,
"All the pupils looked fantastic and the Barnstaple Brends
Hotel was such a great venue for the occasion. The Year 11 Prom committee did
themselves proud in their organisation. The little bit of rain that came at the end
of arrivals didn't dampen anyone's spirits and GTS is so proud of the hard work
Year 11 have put in during their time here. We wish them the best of luck in the
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