Summer Newsletter 2015 - page 5

Fork to Field Project
Year 8 have been studying ‘From Field to Fork’ as a topic for
this term in Food lessons. The project aim was to develop a
better understanding of the journey our food travels from
field to fork and they participated in cooking and growing
activities within the school. They concluded project with a
visit from Farmer Ray of Mudhouse Farm, who gave a
butchery and a biology lesson to 80+ pupils on how a carcass
is prepared, sill of butchery and how cuts of meat are
prepared for display. Some pupils were initially squeamish,
whilst others were not phased by the process. All pupils
showed a genuine interest and took part in answering Ray’s
questions about the different cuts of lamb.
Trained to Assist
Anti –Smoking
Around 20 Year 8 pupils took part in a project which
encourages students to highlight the harms of smoking to
their peers. This is the second time we have run this scheme.
As our current Year 11 are about to leave, it was time to equip
the next generation of students with the information about
smoking and a range of issues associated with the tobacco
Armed with their increased knowledge, the pupils are then
asked to ‘make a noise’ to their peers about the information
and issues they think are important for other young people to
The project has been commissioned by Devon County
Council and written and developed by Health Promotion
Devon, an arm of the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.
Torridge CATS – Recognising
Young Volunteers
Torridge CATS held their 2015 Awards Evening on 4
2015 at The Pier House in Westward Ho! CATS staff and
Denise May MBE, local councillors and representatives of local
organisations who support Torridge CATS were in attendance.
A staggering 188 nominations were received in total. Some of
the young people were recognised and rewarded at a
separate ceremony held at
Great Torrington School on
Thursday 16
July as they
just simply couldn’t fit
everyone in on the same
Entertainment on the
night was provided by the
GTS Choir who performed
as guests arrived, and also
by the Streetz Dance
Company, a number of
whom also received
awards themselves.
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