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Big Bang@GTS School
The Big Bang @ School is a programme designed to help
schools to deliver an event that will excite pupils about their
science, technology, engineering and maths subjects and
inspire them to consider science or engineering careers.
Thursday 17th December 2015
Flybe visit GTS
On Friday the 5
of June, Flybe visited Great Torrington
School’s Year 9 assembly to talk about future careers in travel
and tourism and engineering. As a Year 10 Flybe enthusiast, I
requested to attend the assembly and found it very enjoyable
and informative. I was informed on the qualifications I need to
obtain to apply for the courses I wish to take and I found out
about apprenticeships and my potential future career with
The information gained has inspired me to work harder at
school to get the grades I need to attend the relevant course. I
have always liked the idea of travelling and becoming cabin
crew for an airline. I learnt about short haul and long haul
flights, where in the world the job could take me and that you
are there to give good customer services and keep people safe
whilst they travel.
It was interesting to hear about the engineering side from
Flybe, how they make sure the aircraft is safe to fly and the
different parts of the plane. It was beneficial to know what
qualifications are needed to apply for an engineering course
for Flybe.
This assembly has inspired other Year 9 students to consider a
career in travel and tourism and engineering. Overall I believe
it would be a good idea to have Flybe visit the school every
year to inspire others to seek a career in travel and tourism. It
is good to hear from the people who actually have those jobs
and be able to listen to their experiences. I would like to thank
Flybe for their informative visit and look forward to my future
with them.
Lara Hickford, Year 10
Maths Masterclass
Earlier in the Summer term four able mathematicians took up
the offer to attend Six Mathematics Masterclass on Saturdays
at Exeter Mathematics College.
Lilith, Megan, Trinity and James from Year 9 attended
enrichment sessions covering mathematical concepts and
ideas that they would not have come across before, combining
theory with hands-on and practical activities, covering such
topics as: Infinity, Fibonacci and golden ration and
They were commended for their expertise in mathematics
displayed during their attendance at Exeter and recently
attended a celebration event at Plymouth University. The
whole day masterclass was for all students who attended the
spring masterclasses in the Exeter, Plymouth and Truro groups
as well as those who did well on the UKMT Maths Challenge.
UK Junior Maths Challenge 2015
Pupils from Year 8 sat the UK Maths Challenge which requires
them to answer 25 questions that involve problem solving
methods, without the aid of a calculator, within a time limit of
1 hour.
A question from the ‘easier’ first section was:
The result of the calculation 123456789 x 8 is almost the
same as 987654321 except that two of the digits are in a
different order. What is the sum of these two digits?
A 3 B 7 C 9 D 15 E 17
The following achieved awards by gaining some of the highest
results for pupils of their age.
Anna Beer
—Harry Sloman, Megan Cole, Ben Burrows, Daisy
Grundy, Molly Phillips, Andy Hodge, Pippa Beer
Bronze- Ben Wise, Daisy Williams, Brooke Phillips, Nell Gierke,
Ryan Goldsmith- Ryan, Sadhbh Connor, Macy Goodman,
Zuzanna Jankowska
Answer to be found on the back page.
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
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