Summer Newsletter 2015 - page 3

Ambassadors for 2015
Teachers involved in the recruiting process and were
particularly impressed by the quality of the applications for
the roles especially the time, thought and efforts that went
into compiling them.
We are therefore delighted to announce that the following
pupils have been appointed as School Ambassadors for
2015/2016 Academic year.
Humanities Ambassadors
The role of a Humanities Ambassador involves:
Raising the awareness of global issues and events.
Promoting the interests of people in the school.
Organising whole school events.
Organising fundraising events.
Giving feedback from other pupils in the school.
Erin Rice-Smith DrKB, Caitlin Jackson DrKB, Phoebe Lewis-
Carpenter EgMP, Mollie Deimert EgMP, Rachel Thompson
EbRLW, Harry Cox EgTT, Bradley Lambert DrJC, Jade Bradley
They will join Emily Grigg DrNRB and Tammy Foster-Weir EbTC
from last year.
Science Ambassadors
We are incredibly proud of the science ambassadors and
believe that they will make a very positive contribution
helping the science team to raise the profile of science across
the school. We are even more thrilled that more pupils
applied for the position than we excepted. One of the
highlights for the forthcoming academic year will be working
as volunteers at the GTS first ever Big Bang event on Thursday
17th December.
Congratulations to Aaliyah Cartwright, Jasper Hemsworth,
Kirsten Holland, Bradley Lambert, Cameron MacDonald, Katie
Mansfield, Curtis Braddick, Emily Herbert, Owen Hopkins,
Thomas Leonard, Ryan Pluckrose, Pebbles White, Christopher
Hunt, Paige Milton, Shakira Stacey, Alice Hayward, Joe
Mitchell, Jake Morris, Emma Moulton and Courtney Wilton.
Literacy Leaders
Every tutor group has a Leader to help the teacher promote
literacy across the curriculum.
To cultivate a love of all things Literacy throughout the
To organise events.
To act as pupil voice for Literacy related subjects.
To help promote Literacy within their tutor group.
First event – Finale of Summer Reading Competition
and Summer Book Swap.
Literacy Leaders are:
Ella Carter and Emma Bewes (DrBI), Ella
Marchbanks (DrCDF), Trinity Hickford and Kirsten Holland
(DrJC), Aliese Burton (DrKB), Emma Andrews and Molly
Magarotto (DrKEQ), Abby Winrow (DrRHI), Will Slocombe
Enya Flack and Stacey Lee (EbAG), Nina Whitaker
(EbBD), Danielle Compton-McCulloch and Olivia Richmond
(EbDCR), Gwen Stanley (EbMJA), Oliver Luxton (EbPR), Lilly
Challice (EbTC)
Oceana Tyas and Ella O’Connor (EgAJF), Harley
Petherbridge (EgASP), Ben Harrison (EgHVW), Rebecca Mawby
(EgLM), Olivia Pelton-Bridger (EgLMA), Harry Cox (EgTT)
Megan Sowden (RpCD), Alice Hayward (RpEM),
Dylan Morris (RpG) Ellen Sargeant, Megan Sargeant and
Shannon Mitchell (RpHE), Emily Stevens (RpKRS), Megan Healy
Thank you Sheila
Sheila Stedman was presented with a lovely bouquet of
flowers and an engraved glass vase at the end of year Reading
Club party. Mrs Ward, Library Manager said, “Sheila has been
helping pupils at Reading Club for many years with her
reading knowledge, smiling face and friendly encouragement.
She helps our pupils believe they will become the readers we
know they can be. With her help many of emerging readers
have discovered the joy of reading”
We would like to say thank you to Sheila, and all our
volunteers, past and present for their continued support to
help our young people.
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