Summer Newsletter 2015 - page 2

Another year has flown by. There have been so many high
points since September, far too many to mention. Hopefully
we have kept everyone informed through Facebook and
Twitter, thanks to Lou Leonard, who updates you all on the
great things we get up to at GTS.
All of the staff have worked so very hard to provide not just a
great education but so many other opportunities for our
young people to experience and learn from. I know you would
join me in thanking them for another fantastic year and
wishing them all a well-earned break over the summer.
We also say goodbye to staff, some of which are retiring,
others have gained promotion and some are moving on to
new challenges. Whatever the next step of their life holds, we
wish them well and thank them for all they have invested into
the school and the community.
From Maths we say farewell to Chris O’Donnell, Laura Hookes
and Karen Bogh and welcome Jens Klingenstein, Julie
Broadhurst and Claire Cunneen.
From Science we say farewell to Heather Ellwood and
welcome Rebecca Beer and Jacqui Holleran.
From English we say a temporary farewell to Katharine
Smaldon, who will return back to us in January 2016. Jenny
Dowrick will be standing in whilst Katharine is away.
From ICT we also say farewell to Nick Butler and welcome
Greg Whiteman. Rebecca Whiteley and Mel Burrows are
leaving from Design and Food with Laura Farmer joining that
We also see one of the longest serving teachers in the school
leave to enjoy her retirement. Alison Atton did not want much
publicity about this, however, as our SENCO and someone
who has been so influential in so many children’s lives, I could
not let her leave without comment. We all hope you have a
well-earned and very active retirement.
Helen Whiterod has now become our new INCo (Individual
Needs Coordinator) and has been working alongside Mrs Atton
to ensure a smooth transfer.
Richard Stewart, who will be training with us to become a
teacher, will join the PE and Maths Departments. We also
welcome Nathalie Wicks and Tina Berry as Level 3 LSAs.
We say goodbye to Denise Brenson who has been a long
serving meal time assistant and wish Becky Turner a fond
We also say goodbye to two people who have worked
tirelessly for many years as Governors to this school. They
have overseen many changes to GTS and they will be missed,
as will their wisdom. Thank you Mike Bamborough and David
As the scaffolding came down from the fabulous production of
Oliver, (Jack – I will never forget your performance as Fagan),
and the chairs get put away from the Awards Day, it is time to
all head off for summer after a fabulous year.
I wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer.
Congratulations to our newly appointed House Captains, who also make up the Junior Leadership Team (JLT). This group of
pupils has been selected based on a rigorous application process and is now attached to the Senior Leadership team to give
feedback in pupil perspectives of how best to make improvements to the school. Representing your houses are: Endurance:
George Laughton and Polly Sanders; Resolution: Johnathan Limbrick and Lauren Gater-Morey; Discovery: Isabella Duncan and
Owen Seward; Endeavour: Tom Luxton and Isabelle Manley
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