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** Answer: UK Maths Challenge: A
Geography Urban Fieldwork
in Plymouth
Pupils on the GCSE Geography course at GTS, have undertaken
urban fieldwork across the city of Plymouth. The trip supports
students in understanding urban processes, change and issues for
their Unit 2 exam. A real focus of the day is to investigate urban
redevelopment in Devonport – once a very deprived and run down
area of the city, but now revitalised and increasingly desira-
ble. Pupils see first-hand the old and the new housing and evalu-
ate how an improved urban environment can impact on the peo-
ple that live there. Plymouth is a fantastic place to examine urban
geography – it is reinventing itself after a legacy of being solely
associated with the naval dockyard. Our trip allows pupils to ques-
tion established patterns of urbanisation and begin to understand the challenges faced by city planners. Each year we try to
improve the fieldwork – this year pupils took a boat trip from the Barbican harbour, around The Hoe and waterfront, to the
Royal Navy dockyard - to help give pupils an idea of the scale of redevelopment taking place. Mr Marston, Head of Humanities,
said, “Geography is an amazing subject to learn about, it’s about everything going on around us and this field trip is just one of
the highlights of Year 10.”
Outstanding Oliver
Congratulations to the wonderful cast and
crew of 'Oliver' who gave three excellent
performances on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday of last week.
The students all demonstrated excellent
commitment and drive throughout
rehearsals and this most certainly paid off!
The young actors were confident, energetic
and extremely professional throughout
performances, resulting in great
entertainment for all audience members.
Many thanks to all the pupils, staff and
parents who contributed to the success of
this production.
Work Experience 2015
In July, all Year 10 Great Torrington pupils were given the
opportunity of experiencing the big wide world to sample a
variety of career paths. Pupils attended their work experience
placements, both locally and across the country including
Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall and Wales.
Pupils on work experience are encouraged to fully participate in
their chosen work placement to learn key life skills such as;
working with people of varying age ranges, developing
independence and being organised and reliable. Some also
travelled independently using public transport.
The Year 10's have done exceptionally well and
excelled themselves, making the school proud. Employers gave
their time to support pupils on placements, which has resulted in our pupils returning to school enthusiastic and with a better
idea of what the future holds. Mrs Sandra Peters, Personalised Learning Manager would like to express her thanks to all that
were involved in providing our pupils with invaluable access to such rewarding work experience placements.
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