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Rewards Day 2015
On Thursday 16
July, pupils were
invited to attend the annual Awards
ceremony. Pupils from Year 7 to 10 were
awarded a range of prizes to celebrate
their hard work.
Each subject awarded a subject prize and
each House nominated a member from
each Tutor group.
Well done to all the pupils who received
awards. The recipients of this year’s GTS
Prizes were:
Zenita Sanders, Alicia Stacey, Gwen
Stanley, Analisa Zaharia.
STEM Science:
Board, Saffron Crowther, Hayley Dunn, Lilith Foster
-Collins, Luke.
Bob Brewer Sports Award:
and Megan Gallagher, Curtis Pyke.
GTS English
Phoebe Johnson.
Rhona Heath Library
Lilith Foster-Collins and Megan Sowden;
Consistent hard work & contribution to school life:
Sadhbh Connor; Jessica Gluzman, Joanna Grigg,
Hannah Heywood, Zuzanna Jankowska; Katie
Jennings; Bethany King, Molly Raymont, Shay
Rowtcliff, Nathan Souster, Luke Stevens, Rachel
Thompson, Tommy Webber, Jimmy Birch, Tom
Luxton, Mary Miskovic, Emma Quance, Lara
Gasiorowski, Abigail Davey, Amy Davey, Lilli Pyke,
Olivia Seward, Emily Tyrrell.
Consistent Hard Work:
Lara Gasiowski and Lauren Standen.
Recognition of
Excellence in Literacy:
Olivia Pelton-Bridger.
Transition Leader:
Daniel Lobb.
Application to
studies across the curriculum:
Daniel King.
Contribution to the School Community:
Craker, Luke Creighton, Megan Healey, Megan
Kavanagh, George Laughton, Sarah Megson, Jamie
Mitchell, Polly Sanders, Megan Sargeant, Frankie
Thomas, Nicole Whitear, Isaac Williams.
Award from Head of House:
Brooke Horsman.
Top Reward Point winners in each House:
Hemsworth and Charlotte Hearn—
; Sian
Tetley and Jake Irvine– Endeavour; Daniel Lobb and
Daisy Grundy—
; Emma Moulton and
Andrew Hodge—
Special Governors
Award for Effort and Contribution:
Daniel Lobb,
Emily Mills, Abbie Allmark, Lilith Foster-Collins,
Daniel Andrew, Daisy Grundy, Tommy Webber,
Saskia Batten, Martha Boundy, James Clement,
Jade Craker, Natalie Craker, Summer Daw, Nell
Gierke, Joanna Grigg, Charlotte Hearn, Sophie
Hedden, Jasper Hemsworth, Trinity Hickford, Sam
Hill, Jack Hill, Andrew Hodge, Kristen Holland, Toby
Hookway, Jake
Irvine, Alex
Kinkaid, Thomas
Limbrick, Emma
Moulton, Olivia
Petherbridge, Lilli
Pyke, Ellen
Sargent, Tiegan
Simmons, Luke Stevens, Sian Tetley, Nina
Whittaker, William Wooldridge, Macey Goodman,
Head of Learning Awards:
-Lily Challice,
Cox, Resolution—Caitlin Moss.
Tutor Awards
Ella Carter (BI), Sophie Hedden (RHI),
Owen Seward (NRB), Russell Hookway (JC),
Cameron Macdonald (TNS), Toby Hookway (NMM),
Ben Wise (KEQ), Curtis Pyke (KB).
Gwen Stanley (MJA), Emily Herbert (CVF), Danielle
Compton-Mcculloch (DCR), Maria Sussex (RLW),
Britney Smith (AG), Nina Whittaker (BD), Sian
Tetley (AMP), Ryan Crosby (TC).
Allmark (HVW), Teigan Simmons (ASP), Emily Mills
(MP), Jake Irvine (EJK), Owen Bouncy (LMA),
William Payne (LM), Tanisha Law (AJF), Maya
Robbins (TT).
Nell Gierke (GTC), Alicia
Stacey (SJD), Jonathan Limbrick (MBL), James
Craker (EM), Jade Shambrook (HE), Emma Moulton
(CD), Sophie Fether (KRS), Jessica Brompton (LCH).
Students studying for their GCSE
Performing Arts and Music were treated to
a two day tour of London’s West End. It
began with a very early train journey from
Barnstaple station. For a couple of our
students this was the first opportunity they
have had to go on a train!
This trip was a very exciting way to
enhance knowledge and understanding of
what goes on behind the camera, as they
explored the London Film Museum and the
BBC Broadcasting House. Students were
taken on a guided tour of the
newsrooms. The guides were extremely
informative, explaining where the news
comes from and how it makes it on to the
TV. Later on the tour, students saw the
‘The One Show’ studio and sat on the
famous sofa. Students also saw the radio
studios and the ‘Green Room’, where celebrities relax before going on air.
The tour ended with a visit to the studio used for broadcasting radio drama, where students got the chance to recreate a short
story with amazing sound effects.
Pupils also enjoyed two shows: a matinee at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, followed by
a two course meal at Pizza Hut, and then onto an evening performance at the Lyceum Theatre, watching the Lion King.
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