Summer Newsletter 2014 - page 9

One family learning together
Anybody that visits theHistorydepartment atGTSnever
wants to leaveasbattle re-enactments takeplaceand
learningbecomes fun. AYear 10GCSEHistorygroupwas
silent thisweekas the sounds and thehorrors ofWW1
wereplayed throughout the lesson in subdued lighting.
MrO’Donnell andMr Bunyardhavebeenbusybuilding
trenches inS5with rats,weapons, rationpacks andan
officersmess all inplace. Historypointswere set up
around the roomwhilst pupils studiedandprocessedall
thehistorical knowledge, informationand readabout the
horrorsof thewar. MrO’Donnell said, “ I couldn’t believe
how silent, theyallwere; theambienceof the roomwas
veryquiet and serious. Theywereall sobusy readingall
the information, I had to say in theend, ‘Heyguys, you
can talk’, but that just shows howengrossed theywere.”
GTSPupilsasked themost
TheYear 10’swerealso luckyenough toattenda
fantasticevent organisedby theNorthDevonVeterans
Association, at Kingsley School, Bideford. Ondisplay in
the school’s sportshall therewerephotographsof life
in the services since theendof the secondworldwar.
Pupilswent arounddifferent stands andvieweda
medical tent, demonstratinghowwounded soldiers
were treated inAfghanistanand in contrast, vieweda
displayof how injured soldierswere treated in the
past. Theyalsohad lotsof chances toviewmachinery,
vehicles and technologyandask lotsof questions. We
wereverypleased tohave received receive some
excellent feedback from theArmedForces, saying that
GTSpupils asked lotsof enquiringquestions andmade
themost of theday.
If youareunable toattend thenpleaseprovidea
stampedaddressedenvelopeandyour resultswill
beposted to youor arrange for a friend/relative to
collect on your behalfwith your signedagreement
for collection.
r call 01805
623531ext. 217
sponsors twoGTSPupils
JoJoCharmanandKatieMoore, both year 11pupils, have
managed to secureaplacement after an interviewprocess on
theRotaryYouth LeadershipAwards Scheme. RYLA is a six
night residential course runbyOkehamptonRotaryClub,
which takesplaceonDartmoor thisweek. It teaches and
develops leadershipanddevelopment skills alongwith team
work. The course involvesRockClimbing , Kayaking, Raft
Building, GorgeWalking, Cycling, Orienteering, HighRopes
and camping. Therewill alsobea talkbyRotarians and
membersof national charities. It ishoped that theywill build
confidenceandmakenew friends, alongwitha further
understandingofwhat theRotary is all about.Wehope they
will let us knowhow theyget along.
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