Summer Newsletter 2014 - page 8

One family learning together
others inSwaziland
Aftermonthsof planningand fundraisingover £2,000
each, theGTSWorldChallengeExpedition ishere! Last
week, fourteenpupils gathered for theirfinal buildup
day,whereasa team theymadefinal preparations,
checkedanddividedupkit, agreedexpeditionground
rules, practisedputtingup their brandnew tents andof
courseaskedanyfinal questions.
All of themhaveembarkedona tripof a lifetimeand
madeadifference toothers inSwaziland, SouthAfrica.
Theyflewovernight to Johannesburg inSouthAfrica
from there they travelledbybus to Swaziland. Wehave
receiveda few texts fromMr Farmer, oneof the leaders
alongside theWorldChallenge Leader and Mrs Louise
Banfield to say, “The country is amazingand the locals
are friendlyandall are safeandwell.”
Lastweek theymade their trek through theNgwempisi
Gorge. This isan impressive500mdeep ruggedgranite
gorge in southernSwaziland. They campedwild for two
nights and then trekked toRock Lodge,which is
spectacularly locatedperchedhighabove thegorge.
From there they completed their last day trekout of the
gorgeandheaded towardsaMalolotijaNatureReserve
to takepart ina canopy tour. This consistedof 11
elevated forest platforms, 10 zipwires anda50metre
long suspensionbridge that crosses theMajolomba
River. Theyalsohadagoat oneofMr Farmers favourite
activities, slack lining. Thisweek theyare in their
volunteering stageat aNeighbourhoodCarePoint (NCP)
in theEzulwini Valley togive childrenanewa
kitchen. Thiswill involvefirst demolishing theexisting
(half built) kitchen structureandbuildingabrandnew
kitchen/store room, then installingawater pipeline into
the village school. Thiswill consist of breezeblockwalls
anda roof constructed corrugatedtin. Inside the
kitchen, therewill be storage space (possiblya separate
room for storage), a sink, tapafirepit. TheGTS team
will alsohave theopportunity to support theNCPby
entertaining the childrenatmid-morningbreaktimes
andafter school (1pm). Teamswill help runand
participate ina sports afternoonand theremayalsobe
anopportunity to joinAfrica’soutreachprogram in
Ekuzukekeni,where small groupsof volunteers regularly
visit thedisabled, elderlyand sick in the community.
After their project theywill alsovisit aWildlife
Sanctuaryonhorseback,where theywill beable toview
theabundant bird lifeandnestingbirds, aswell asa
numberof animal species, includingHippos, Crocodiles,
Zebras, BlueWildebeest, Kudus,Warthogs,Waterbucks
Pupils recentlyheldanon-school uniform fundraising
day to raisemoney towards resources for theNCP
scheme. We look forward tohearingabout their
experienceswhen they return. Amassive thankyou to
MrAdrianFarmer andMrs LouiseBanfield,whoarepart
of the leadership teamwithWorldChallenge.
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