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One family learning together
Thrilling, Excitingand
YoungScientists, Chefs,
Engineers in themaking!
This last term,wewelcomedyoungpeople fromNorth
Devonprimary schoolswhere they weregivena
mixtureof excitingopportunities todemonstrateand
use their impressive skillsandknowledgewhilst
experiencingadayatGTS. We recentlywelcomed
primary school visits tohave fun lessons in food, history,
literacy, humanities, PE andSTEM subjects. Over the
past year,manypupilshave takenpart in sporting
festivals, suchas cross country, Aquathon, tennis,
athletics, rounders, netball and football festivals all run
byour veryownSports Leaders.
Meeting theCEOof
Recently, twopupils Fleur Sparrow-Gormley, Lily
Challiceand two teacherswerevery fortunate tobe
honouredguestsof theBidefordRotaryClubwhere
theyhad theopportunity tomeetwithAliceWallace,
Chief Executiveof ShelterBoxUK. The twogirlswere
invited to themeetingas representativesof their year
group,whohadmade it their focus to raisemoney for
ShelterBoxUKwith theaim to raiseenoughmoney for
anemergencyaidbox. During the year pupils
organisedevents inandoutside school. Thewhole
year group raised£899.42andalso receiveda£100
anonymousdonationofwhich the year groupwere
extremelyhappy toadd to their total. Thishas led to
the school beingableprovideoneemergencybox and
support towards twootherboxes toprovide support
to familieswhoare indesperateneed. If youwould
like to trackour boxes theyare: YSB0006011
Throughout the spring term, Great TorringtonSchool runs
their heat of the2014 ‘‘DelanceyUKSchools’ Chess
Challenge’. Thishugelypopular competition takes part
nationwide for pupils aged7 to18. This is the second
year the school has takenpart.
This year fiveof our pupilswereamongst theninety two
players thatmet at theweekend toplayat theDevon
MegaFinal at ChurstonFerrersGrammar School, Brixham.
Boys ,MaxThomasU15Boys, DaisyGrundyU12Girls,
LilithFoster-CollinsU13Girls. If youare interested in
joining in, either just for funorwant to take it abitmore
seriously, thenwewelcomeanynewplayers,whatever
your ability, every lunchtime inMr Stanier's room.
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