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One family learning together
This year’sannualmusical, ‘Bugsy
Malone’,wasanoutstanding success!
TheGTSpupils fromyear 7 to 11worked together toproducea fantastic
musical productionof BugsyMalone. The resultwas a fun, splurge crazyBugsy
messon thefinalenight. Nobodywas saved from the splurge, not even theGTS
staff. Itwas so lovely to see the cast and crewhaving somuch fun. Pupils
performed theproductionover threeevenings andeverynight they superseded
Headof PerformingArts ,MrMarkPluckrose responsible for the showalongside
MissHarriet Chambers said, “Weare soproudof all thepupils involved in this
year’sproduction. Therehavebeena lot of younger pupils and theyhave
performedwith creativityand suchenergy.” Themusical hasbeenpulled
together inEnrichment time, a fewYear 11Dramapupilswho recently left
returned to fulfil their roles andhavebeenan inspiration tomanyof the
younger pupils. Pupils tookonmanybackstage roles such as lightingand sound
technicians aswell as stage crewandprompt. Theproduction showcased the
talent and skillsof our seasonedperformers andgavemany the chance to
perform for thefirst time inaproduction. Thehardworkwasworth it, youall
shone! KimberleyCrocker fromYear 11, summedupby saying, “It’sbeena
wonderful way for toend the year, but also for all theYear 11 tofinishourGTS
lifehereon stage, it’sbeenamazing – thank you.”
What's in store for next year?We’ll just have towait and see, but you can
guarantee that itwill onceagain showcase thehidden talent atGTSand
audiencememberswon’twant tomiss it!
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