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One family learning together
TheYear 11pupilshave just left secondary school and
thefinal celebrationsof the school promended their
timeatGTS, theynowembarkona completelynewand
exciting journey. We’ll bewelcoming themall backon
results day,whenwe look forward tohearinghoweach
andeveryoneof themhasdone in theirGCSEs, on
August 2014at 10.00a.m. and thenagain
for the school reunion to celebrateYear 11achievements
in theAutumnTerm, 18thNovember 2014.
Weareespeciallyexcited tohear
from former pupils about their
variousachievements at thepost-
secondary school level. Soplease
keep in touch, as all the staffand
former peers love tohear about
your stories.
Weweredelighted tohear recently
that oneof our ex-pupils,Quentin JohnofHelitunehas
won theNorthDevon Journal Apprenticeof theYear.His
storyof hardworkand commitment togoals really
supportsour ethosofDream, BelieveandAchieve. Mr
Daly caught upwithhimat theBigBangevent at Exeter
recentlyand congratulatedyoungQuentinandaskedhim
topose for aphoto for us.
Beran Instruments manufacturing manager, Richard
Barnes, stated; “Beyond all this what made Quentin
standout is the fact hewas interviewedby ITV as part of
Apprentice week and appeared on TV as an ambassador
for the company and Apprenticeships in general.” On
our website you can pick up a transcript of this film and
also see another ex GTS pupil, now the engineering
managerwithBeran Instruments, DouglasGraham.
RosieBirch,OutstandingStudent at Exeter College
RosieBirch, apast pupil fromGTSandExeterCollege has
recentlywon theOutstandingAward for Student of the
Year. Exeter Collegealso secured theoverallOutstanding
BTECCollegeof theYearAward, at a ceremonyheld in
July2014andRosieBirchwas aguest at
theevent to represent the school.
Awardwinner, Rosie
Birch, said
: "I feel sohonoured tohavewon thisaward
not only formyself but foreveryoneat ExeterCollege". I
had thebest twoyearsofmy lifeat college,meeting
wonderful peopleandgaining somanyamazing
opportunitiesandmemories. I can't believehowquickly
itwent andhowmuch fun itwas.Winning this award
was the icingon topof the cake."
Year 11pupils recently
celebrated theendof school
Promat TheBarnstapleHotel
Whilst thegirlsworeelegant dressesand theboys lookedextremely
smart in their suits the rainheldoffduring theevening. Friends,
relatives andmanyof the staffpacked the front of theBarnstaple
Hotel towatch thearrivals and takepictures. Theyarrived ina
varietyof transport, including tractors, adoubledecker bus, a limousine, amotorbike, a rangeof vintageand classic
cars, andevenaharvester! Thepartygoersenjoyeda three coursebuffet anddanced theeveningaway toBKDiscos
in themain room,whichhadbeendecoratedwithballoonsand sweet scented lilies. JPphotographywas there to
captureall thepupils and staffdressedup in their finery. Formorephotographsof theProm, visit our galleryonour
websiteor visit our Facebookpageat
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