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Year 9
February2015 from5.30pm–8.00pm
Year 10
January2015 from4.00pm–7.00pm
Year 11
December 2014 from4.00pm–7.00pm
One family learning together
wait to joinGTS in
From the feedback frombothparents, pupils and staff,
we can say “What awonderful Transitionyear 6have
had this year and that they just can’twait to joinGreat
TorringtonSchool inSeptember.” The sun shone (most
of thetime) andall theyear 6senjoyed campingunder
canvas and triedout thenewbunkhouses at the
UltimateHighAdventureCentre, Bideford.
WehavebeenworkingwithRussell andhis team from
theUltimateHigh formanyyearsnowandhavebuilt
and tailored theprogram to suit theneedsof theGTS
Transition. Thishasproven tobeavery successful
transitionprogram, enablingpupils and staff toget to
knoweachother fromacross twentyonedifferent
primary schools.
Thegroupsenjoyedmanyactivities including thehigh
ropes,mountainboarding, a coastalwalk, surfingandof
courseagoon theUltimateWipeout! In theevenings
theyenjoyed teamgamesand chattingaround thefire
pitwhilst toasting theirmarshmallows.
Transitionweek isn’t just about the camp, but isalso
about getting to knowyourwayaround the school. A
varietyof funactivitiesanda challengewereput inplace
toaid thenewpupils ingetting toknowGTS. Pupils
relished the challenge to collect stampson their
TreasureCards from variouspoints in the school. This
introduced them to keyareas suchas the Library, ICT
resources, Pupil Services, theFinanceOfficeaswell as
different classrooms. Those that completed their
TreasureMapwere rewardedwithaprizedonated from
the Library.
All Year 6pupils tookpart in theAlexander theGreat
challenge. Imaginehorriblehistories coming to life.Mr
O’Donnell inhisownunique style, greeted theyear
groupandproceeded to tell tales about Alexander the
Great andhismagnificent life, butwanted them tofind
out the real factsandmakeamovie. In theafternoons,
pupils tookpart in theSTEMproject (Science,
Technology, EngineeringandMaths)where theyhad
much fun takingpart inmanufacturingand launching
their own rockets. Lotsof fun, excitement anddelight
washadwhenwatching themodelsbeingblasted into
All pupilswereenrolledonto the library systemand
have takenabookout toborrowover the summer. So,
when theyget back theywill beable to take theirfirst
quizonour accelerated readingprogram.
Our Year 7Transition Leaders carriedout theirduties
marvellouslyandarea real credit to themselvesand the
school. We knowyouhavebeenveryexcitedabout
beingpart of theYear6 inductionprocess andwill
continue yourfirst leadership roleatGTSwithmuch
enthusiasm. Lotsof friendshipshavebeenmade.
Getting toknoweachother and the staffhasproved
onceagainavery successful beginning to their lives at
ForthcomingParents’ Evenings
Year 7
September 2014 from4.00pm –6.30pm
Year 8
November 2014 from4.00pm –6.30pm
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