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One family learning together
Frompupils to
presenters. FirstGTS
Great Torrington School pupils successfully
conductedour first ever TEDxConferenceevent, at
Exeter College, alongside Television legend and
children’spresenter, JohnnyBall.
One hundred and twenty nine passionate Year 7 pupils presented speeches on,
answering the questions Google cannot. The event is designed to create a platform for
pupils to demonstrate the seven key learning skills they have developedwithin the new,
innovative, project-based learning curriculum at GTS.
Pupils have independently researched, written and
presented an academic lecture to their peers, parents
andacademics fromExeterCollege.
Johnny Ball responded to Year 7 TEDx speeches
throughout the day and he praised the work of Great
Torrington School in giving youngsters this unique
opportunity. Hewas amazedby thequalityof thepupils’
speeches and by the courage
them. He could not believe
that the Year 7swere able to
develop their own questions,
research them so well and
talk so confidently. Johnny
workswitha school inSlough
who he saidwould definitely
be stealing this idea!
We are really grateful to Exeter College for hosting the event. It was a great experience
for both Exeter College students, Great Torrington School pupils and staff from both
institutions to work together in running the event from stage management, sound &
lighting to catering.
What thepupils sayabout their first TEDxConference:
“Nexttime I amgoing to lookupmore.”
“Iwon’t feel so scaredwhen I do it again.”
“I amamazedhow theyear 7shave surpassedmy
alreadyhighexpectations. Itwas ahuge challenge
thatmanyadultswouldnot beable to face. The
qualityof the talkswas sohighandpracticallyevery
childhad the resilience to standup ina further
education collegeanddeliver anacademic lecture.
Iwas soproudofwhat theyhadachieved.”
Mr JohnStanier, AssistantHeadteacher
“I learnt that standingup
in front of people isn’t so
scary, nexttime Iwill look
upat theaudiencemore.”
Students recentlyheld their flower andvegetable saleas part of anenterpriseactivi-
ty. Thepupilshaveworkedtirelesslyon theirplot of land toproducevegetables and
plants, collectedunusual plant containers ranging fromhalf abeerbarrel, hangers,
old crockpot andevenanupsidedown lampshade. They carriedoutmarket re-
searchwithmembersof staff toworkout howmanypeoplewouldbeprepared to
pay forhangingbaskets. Theyalsomadeearringsmade frompetals and sold rhu-
barbandnewpotatoes to thehighest bidder. MrsOke said: ‘Itwas a sell out, the
plants lookedamazingand theyhaveworked sohard.’ Theproject hasn’t finished
yet, theynowhave to count up their incomeand reflect on their project anddiscuss
whatwentwell andwhat couldhaveof beenbetter.We think it lookedamazingand
you showedoffyour sales tactics verywell.
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