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One family learning together
Dear Parents/Carers andPupils,
I havebeen told I havenot got a lot of room towritedue toall theother events andactivities that are in thenewsletter….
I think that is just as it shouldbe! Sopleaseenjoy readingabout all that hashappened in the last termat GTS.
As every school at this time of year we have to say some goodbyes to staffwho are leaving for new adventures. Mrs Angela
Dalzell has been at the school for over 30 years and is now off to enjoy her well-earned retirement. Understandably she is
takingher husbandMrDaveDalzellwithher!
Mr JohnHamlen is also leaving toenjoyhis retirement (again)! Wewish themall a longandhappyone.
Mr Rob Jones is off on another adventure around theworld, this time he is going to Bahrain to teach. We know hewill miss
the colddampnorthDevonwinters, not tomentionDartmoor! Wewill certainlymisshim.
Dr Pat Hogan is off to challengehimself by teaching older pupils at Petroc and the joy of foundationdegrees. I am suremany
of our pupilswill enjoymeetingupwithDrHoganas they continue their studies at Petroc.
Miss Harriet Chambers has gained a post in an all through public school in Bristol. Another exciting challenge in a very
different environment.
MissAbi Butterworthhas decided to take sometimeout of teaching tobeamum toher two gorgeous children. Wehope she
will pop in fromtime totime to stay in contactwithus.
MissPollyMatthewshas gainedpromotionoutsideofDevonandwewishher every success inher career.
MrDavidRipponhas beenwithus in thePEdepartment on aone year contract. Wewishwehad anopportunity to keephim
for longer! Best of luckMr Ripponwithwhatwill beapromising teaching career.
Sometimes staffexpress awishnot tobementioned in thenewsletter, which I always respect. Nonethelesswewish them the
verybest for their future.
From September we will have a number of new staff joining us. Many have visited us over the last fewweeks, a few have
already started.
Wewill beexpanding theEnglish teamwith theadditionof LauraMarzaroli andalso increasing thenumber ofMaths teachers
Science will be joined by Katy Quick (Physics) and Tara Neve-Scott (Biology). Rebecca Whiteley will join the Design and
TechnologyTeamand JamesBunyard joinsHumanities and3Rs.
Guy Cooke will be taking on the 2
in PE role, whilst Simon Robilliard joins us as the new Head of Learning for Resolution
Houseand teacher ofmusic.
We alsowelcome two additions to our support team. Kerry Humphreys (School Data and SIMSManager) and TomHull (ICT
In the new academic year wewill get new staff towrite a bit about themselves in the next newsletter and of course youwill
havea chance tomeet themat Parent Evenings andevents throughout theyear.
Iwish youall a veryhappy, safeand relaxingholiday.
BigBangEvent 2014Exeter
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