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One family learning together
dominates the
Earlier in JuneTheTorridgeCATSbranch
hosted its annual awardpresentation
eveningat ThePierHouse inWestward
Ho! Thiswas the secondof its kind in the
TorridgeDistrict andonceagain itwasa
resounding success forGTSpupils. The
event rewards the youthof theDistrict
who thoroughlydeserve the recognition
for their dedicationand commitment of
communityaction for thebenefit of
others. Leaderof TorridgeCouncil, Cllr
PhilipCollins said, 'Youngpeople today
oftenget abadpress, but I thinkevents
like these just prove that there is somuch
positivity inour youngsters, andendless
potential.Well done toeveryone, and to
CATS fororganising suchanevent’. So if
youknowof ayoungperson that deserves
tobe recognised for thevolunteering that
theydo inyour community, please
contactMrs Leonard
Recentlyall of Year 9, as apart of the3Rsprogram, sawat first hand
thehorrorsof a road traffic collision (RTC) andhow theemergency
serviceswork togetheronadailybasis. Theaimof thedaywas to
improve road safetyawareness andeducate themon thedangers and
consequencesof riskybehaviour at home, in school and in the
communityandhow their actions couldaffect others.
Themorningbeganwithawholeyear groupassembly, ledby the
services, followedby talksby theemergency services including; the
effect of drink, practicingCPR techniques and the recoveryposition.
The fire service talkedabout their various roles and theequipment
theyuseand thePolice carriedout a thought provokingactivity to
encouragepupils to thinkabout their responsibilities in the local
communityandhow certain stereotypesof behaviourmaybe seenby
others. Theendof themorning theemergency servicesdemonstrated
thewholeprocess from theRTC right through to lifting the casualty
out of the car (MrBolton in this case) and takinghimona stretcher to
Our aim is educateandmakean impact onpupilsof thedanger of
recklessdriving, notwearinga seat belt anddrink/drugdrivingand
make themawareof thehorrific consequences these can cause. If
theywent awaywithone thing from theday it is theability to know
how to save someone's lifeandhow their actions canaffect others.
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