Summer Newsletter 2014 - page 11

One family learning together
Science, Technology,
andboys in thefirst year of launching theEnrichment and
Interventiontime, givingopportunities for pupils to
embrace theworldof science, engineeringand technology
this year.
This yearGreat TorringtonSchool has givenout a record
numberof CRESTawards to students. Through theCrest
Schemepupils areable toexplore the real natureof STEM
bydoinga creativeproject, suchas FizzyBathBombs,
guitarmaking, buildinganamplifier andnext year’sexciting
addition, forensic science. The joyof theEnrichmenttime
and this schemeofwork is that itmotivates andunlocks
thepotential of pupils toenable them todevelopkey
employable skills for use in the realworld. Theawards
acknowledgeand certify thepupil achievement for
investigative, practical andexperimentalworkaswell as a
rangeof other key skills suchas communication, teamwork
andproblem–solving. Manyemployers, fromour
Employer Forum, havevisited lessons toview, interact and
enquireabout how thepupils' learninghasdeveloped.
Somepupilshavehad thepleasure inpresenting their
achievements inpersonatGTSEmployer Forummeetings
Wewelcomedback theBarbicanTheatre again to lookat
howwe treat peoplewhoare seenasdifferent,whether
that bedue to the colourof their skinor another aspect
of their life. This isalways anexcitingday for Year 10
pupils,whereapresentation takesplace in themorning
followedbya face to facedialogue. It hopefullymade the
pupils examineand reflect on their own ideas, beliefs
and thoseof others, doing so inanenjoyableway.
Though itmay seem in thedimanddistant past andSpring
mayhave longgone,GTS’ first ever Carnival Float tookpart
in this year’sCarnival. Itoccurred just after the last
newsletter, sowearepleased to include it in this issue.
Pupilswho tookup theFestival option for Enrichmenttime
had the chance, aspart of oneof theprojects, todesignand
comeupwith the idea for theGTSCarnival Float. Much fun,
brainstorminganddecision-makingwasmadeby thepupils
themselves as theywhittled their ideas to thefinal one, St
Torrians, basedon thefilmSt Trinians. Ahuge thankyou
goes toall the staff involved.
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