Summer Newsletter 2014 - page 10

One family learning together
Masterpieces for the
community toenjoy!
TheGTSArt department hashada verybusyyear
displaying the creative talents of pupils'work. At the
beginningof theyear youmaywell remember reading
about thefirst communityart installationatGreat
TorringtonBoxingClub, a large scaleblackandwhite
paintedmural of boxersdemonstrating suchemotion
andpower towinwithin their art. On theverydayof
theunveilingof themural, pupils set their sightson
their next communityproject in town. Thiswas tobe
abright colourfulmural in the styleof theartist Keith
Haring to showoff themany celebrationsandpositive
aspectsof theGreat TorringtonCommunity.
Themosaicenrichment group is reachingnear theend
of theirproject andwe look forward to theunveiling
of this in thenewacademicyear.
Another highlight of the calendar is theArt Exhibition
heldat thePloughArtsCentre in the centreof
Torrington. Thepupils' artwork lookedabsolutely
amazingandmany friends, familyandpupils visited
thegallery toview the stunningartwork. Oneof our
topYear 11artists, CharlotteEvans,managed to
secureaplace for her artwork tobe featured ina
yearlyart resource craftbooklet andweawait tohear
if shehas achieved the top spot! All of thishardwork
couldn’t beput ondisplaywithout thededicationand
unsungpraises of our very talentedMrsMichelle
Witney, thankyou forbeing thebackboneof the
3rdAnnual Art Exhibitionat
Weareaware that sometimespupilsdonotwriteasmuchas theyneed into their
learning journals and that parents canoccasionally feel that theydonot haveenough
information tohelp their child. Pupilshavealso toldus, throughpupil voice, that on
someoccasions theyareunclear about theirhomework taskorhow longan item
should take them to complete. Toenablepupils, parents and the school, tomake the
most of their individual learning thehomeworkplanner on ‘ShowmyHomework’
ensureshomework is set effectivelyacross the school. Parentshaveaccess to their
child’sMyHomeworkaccount, allowing them toplayamoreactive role inhome learning. TheShowMy
Homework link is in the resourcesareaof themain schoolwebsite. At thebeginningof next term, all pupilswill be
given log indetailswhichwill allow them toview thehomework that theyhavebeen set. This is agreat
opportunity for parents tobecomemore involved in thehomeworkprocessandwehope that everyonewill
benefit from its introduction.
Full support isofferedby ‘ShowMyHomework’ to staff, pupils andparents. Tel: 0203397754 Email:
If youhaveany further queries about ShowMyHomework, please contactMr
Stanier orMrBuss.
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