Spring Newsletter 2015 - page 9

Dancing Superstars
GTS welcomed hundreds of youngsters to take part in the KS1 Primary Dance festival, a workshop with Streetz Dance Company
owner, Amy Avery. Students were led and guided through the workshop by our very own talented GTS dancers. Students
were given the opportunity to engage creatively with others and learn new movement material. Together with staff from
primary schools, they explored fun movements and co-ordination. Amy, who ran the event, commented that it was,
“A brilliant day; hundreds took part - children and teachers, and the sports hall was full, amazing”. The day was an absolute
pleasure to watch and the children were beaming.
Make your mark
Following the debate and discussion of the issues
affecting the youth of today, we are very proud that,
without any prompting, two pupils (pictured on the front
cover) took it upon themselves to attend a Devon UKYP
event in Exeter. They wanted to find out more about
standing to be a Youth MP representing North Devon.
Flynn Miller, Yr 9 and Bluebell Munro, Yr 11, decided to
campaign and stand for election. For one week, Flynn
and Bluebell promoted themselves to the GTS student
body and presented the issues they wanted to stand
for. Flynn wanted to raise the profile of our dying youth
services which have been cut and Bluebell wanted to
raise the inadequate transportation systems in place, in
and around North Devon.
Paula Hunter, Torridge District Council’s election officer,
teamed up with GTS to teach all the Houses about voting.
Paula said, “Registering now means there is less chance
of this being overlooked, as life usually gets even more
hectic as an 18-year-old.” She encouraged all 16 year
olds to go to ‘register to vote’ online and follow the links.
Mr Stanier spoke about the history of voting and raised
the issue that we really shouldn’t waste our vote.
We are very proud of our young people engaging in these
issues and making a stand to make a better future for
them all.
Election Fever
Over the past term in 3Rs and House time, pupils have
had a chance to vote about issues that matter most to
the youth of today. Their results were then passed
onto the UK Youth Parliament MP to debate in the
House of Commons. GTS pupils were among 875,000
young people from across the UK to vote on five
subjects that would be discussed in parliament.
The top five topics discussed and voted for were:
Votes at 16.
Give 16 and 17 year olds the right to
vote in elections and referendums.
Everyone should be paid at least the Living Wage
£7.85 per hour (£9.15 in London). Anyone who
works, regardless of age, should have a decent
standard of living.
Mental health services
should be improved with
our help. We should all learn about common
mental health issues at school and negative
stereotypes should be challenged.
Work Experience.
We should have the chance to do
at least one week’s placement, at a place of our
choosing. We should have access to professionals
who inspire us.
Bring back exam resits in Maths and English
English schools, and help us achieve our potential.
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