Spring Newsletter 2015 - page 7

13th April—Return to School
Mayfair Day—No school - 7th May
8th May Non School Uniform Day—Endurance
Half term—25th—29th May
GCSE Examinations: 8th May—26th June
4th Annual Art show—16th– 27th June
GTS Parent Forum 19th June 7pm
Transition Week 29th June—3rd July
Non Pupil Day 8th July
Year 11 Prom: 10th July
Year 7 Tedx Event 17th July
Last day of term 21st July
Results Day 21st August
A love of reading on World
Book Day at GTS
Did you meet Biggles, Nancy Drew, Jane Eyre, Ruby
Redfort or Skulduggery Pleasant on the way to school
today? They were all invited to GTS on World Book Day
and were joined by Mary Poppins, Geek Girl, Katniss
Everdeen, Farm Boy, The Thief Lord and many other book
characters, when students and staff dressed up on World
Book Day.
“We usually learn to enjoy reading and improve by
reading aloud and sharing stories. This is why our Reading
Club every morning at GTS and regular reading habits are
vital for emerging readers.
It is known that independent reading is the most
important indicator of future success, so we are offering
students the skills to take their reading to the
next level. Our school uses a reading programme called
Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader which helps to
track improvement with quizzes and rewards. Our aim is
for a love of reading!”
Ruth Ward, Library Manager
Music, Drama and Artistic
Many pupils will be taking part in the Summer and Spring
Concerts, music festivals and Torrington’s Got Talent
competition performances during the next coming
summer term.
Please keep a look out in future pupil bulletins for
information on ticket sales. We would love to see you
Torrington’s Got Talent heats w/k beg: 17th April
Torrington's Got Talent Final: 15th May
GTS Spring Concert hosted by pupils: Friday 22nd May
GTS Summer Concert: 2nd June
Daisy festival –hosted by pupils: 11th June
Solstice Festival: 19th June
GTS Summer Concert: 25th June
Year 9 Music Video Awards: Date TBC
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