Spring Newsletter 2015 - page 3

I was at GTS with my friends
for the 2015 Solar Eclipse
On Friday 20th March, the whole school congregated on the school field, armed with their home-made pinhole projectors
and glasses, to watch the solar eclipse take place. Ms Gratton even brought in her colander! This produced a beautiful
effect as it projected multiple images of the crescent sun during the eclipse.
This is the first eclipse to hit the country since 1999 and therefore was an experience that we didn’t want our pupils to miss
out on, especially since many of the staff at Great Torrington School had been talking about where they were at the last
eclipse. Hopefully in years to come, our pupils will look back on the day that they watched this eclipse with their friends at
GTS. Mr John Stanier said, “It was a magical experience, sharing the eclipse with pupils. I loved the ingenuity of the
children’s eclipse viewers.”
Students’ thoughts about their first eclipse: “My first ever eclipse. It was supernatural.” (Jasmin Sherrett); “The one thing
about the eclipse, is that the whole school saw it together.” (Emma Quance); “Overall, it was a great experience and I’m
thankful that the school let us see it.” (Molly Munro); “It was definitely worth seeing.” (Curtis Braddick); “I enjoyed this
event because it may be a once in a lifetime experience.” (Esme Philpott).
It was really awesome.”
Rees Parkhouse
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