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A Snapshot in The Park
Our enrichment lessons of ‘A Snapshot in the Park’ have been a
really BIG project needing a great deal of focus and artistic
skills. However, the students have risen
to the challenge and created amazing pieces of sculptural art.
They have had to think very hard about construction, form,
character and overcome many obstacles along the way.
Working together in small teams, they have managed to ‘give
life’ to a diverse group of figures.
Their starting point was ‘waiting at the bus stop’- a poem read
to them. This, however, prompted a lot of discussion and was
subsequently changed to ‘A Snapshot In The Park’, with each
team choosing their own character.
These figures will be sited in one of the garden areas, where
we will be able to view them over a period of time and in all
weathers; how long they will last, who knows - it’ll be
interesting to see their decay and demise !!
The results are absolutely fantastic and we are in the process of trying to arrange a time-lapse camera to capture the figures at
different times of the day and night - hopefully providing another element to the project. It would be great if they could be
used by other departments at GTS, maybe to inspire poetry and descriptive writing by the English students? After all,
everyone has a story to tell!
Mrs Witney (Please take a look at our online gallery to viewmore)
I was very excited to be asked to go to Uganda during the
February half term with the charity Edukid, founded by Chris
Turner. Edukid's vision is of a world free from the effects of war
and poverty, where each child can have hope and opportunities
to fulfill their dreams. The purpose of our trip to Uganda was to
meet five children that GTS has pledged to sponsor through their
school years.
We flew to Entebbe and then took a long road trip to the
northern region of Uganda, to a place called Gulu. The roads are
red mud tracks and very bumpy. The journey lasted for 8 hours.
Up until 2008, the Lord’s Resistance army (LRA) fought a
21-year civil war with the Ugandan government. The LRA leader,
Joseph Kony, who was responsible for thousands of abductions
and child soldiers, is now thought to be hiding somewhere near
the border of Congo. An estimated 30% of children are believed
to be orphans or have no family alive.
During my stay in Gulu, I met so many people who have benefited
from the help of Edukid. I was honoured to be welcomed into
their homes, places of work and schools. I was overwhelmed by
the kindness and warmth I received, in a country with no infra-
structure. People live without electricity, running water or means
of communication. I truly experienced another culture.
What impressed me was the way Edukid finds ways to help
people to help themselves. For example, buying a cow to feed an
orphaned family or a few banana plants; an education to help
develop a small-holding and share that farming knowledge with
the community; supplying a small business loan to enable people
to purchase their first tools so they can begin to work.
I was so touched by this experience, I have also pledged to
sponsor a child.
I look forward to sharing my experiences with the pupils at GTS in
a series of presentations. I will introduce our five wonderful
Ugandan friends and tell their stories. We look forward to
watching them progress in education over the coming years.
This programme will only be successful with the help of our pupils
and their fundraising. Year 8 have already made a huge
contribution through their 3Rs lessons. Endurance House will be
devoting their fundraising day to the cause in May.
Mrs Tanya Kevern
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