Spring Newsletter 2015 - page 10

First public performance
for the staff band:
17th April
Mrs Quick has been helping to
organise a fundraising event for
Edukid, at St Mary’s Church,
Bideford. It is going to be an
evening of delicious puddings,
great music from local bands,
including our own staff band,
Uptown Folk. During the
evening, some of the short films
about the work Edukid does will
be shown. Please come along
and enjoy the fun, food, music
and maybe a little bit of dancing!
Mrs Katy Quick, Science teacher at GTS, took up the
opportunity to venture to Palestine after learning about a
local charity, Edukid of which GTS has a long history
supporting. Here is her story:
I think I had some fairly standard preconceptions about
what Palestine would be like: it is often portrayed as a
violent and unpredictable place and news stories seem
to centre on terrorist attacks and conflict. What you
don’t see in the media is the warmth of the people; the
passion and pride in their culture; their generosity and
the incredible scenery and food!
We travelled around the West Bank and spent time with
Palestinian children and teachers in various schools and
community projects, learning about their daily
experiences and their hopes for the future. We made
films of their stories, the first of which will be released at
the NUT National Conference over Easter, along with
some fantastic teaching resources. I was incredibly
inspired by the students in a high school we visited, who
told us all about their ambitions to become engineers,
ballet dancers, journalists and doctors. I was so
saddened to hear of their daily battle with racism,
through people and institutions, the searches they
undergo at checkpoints on their journey to school and
the sheer amount of barriers they face due to living
under occupation.
For me personally, the trip was about empowerment
and enabling those student’s voices to be heard. Most
people we met had come together through teaching
unions and schools and it is through education that we
can change situations like this in Palestine and Israel.
I have a much more active role now that I am back, both
in Edukid and the NUT, and my experience has rekindled
my passion for teaching as a tool for positive connection
and change. GTS has been amazing in supporting me
along the journey so far and our students have been
really engaged. It is fantastic to know that as the project
develops I can bring more of it into my own teaching
here and I can’t wait to further involve our students and
hear their ideas.
“I never expected it to be
such a life changing
experience and I am so
glad I said yes and went!”
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