Spring Newsletter 2014 - page 9

OnWednesday8th January, Year 11pupils received their
mockexam results. Thiswasdoneverydifferently from
previous years andwasmade to resemble theactual
results day inAugust. Theafternoonprovidedour pupils
with the latestmarkerof how theyareprogressing
towards theirGCSEoutcomesand it obviouslyhadabig
impact onall of our Year 11pupils.
Thewholeyear groupmet andwere told that the results
wereabout tobegiven inenvelopes. Several pupils
werepleased to see that theywereon track todo
extremelywell andotherswerea littledisappointed that
theywerenot going togain theall-important grades to
progress in theway theyhadwanted.
Theafternoonwas really important as it showed
everyone that theyonlyhave120days to insure that the
'real resultsday'wouldbe successful.
Membersof theSenior LeadershipTeamand teaching
staff spent timegoingover the resultswithpupils and
thiswas then followedbyYear 11parents evening
where subject staff, pupils andparents helddiscussions
aboutwhat theyneeded todo to changeand improve
their outcomes for thebetter.
There isalways the concern that people canbe
disappointedwith theirmock results. However,we feel
it is really important that any issues they facearedealt
withnowand clear strategies of how to take thenext
steps to improveare sharedwitheveryone. The current
Year 11pupils areexpected todowell.Wehope that
theywill grasp the time theyhave left atGTSwith
enthusiasm to take control of theirown learningand
reap the rewards theydeserve.
Year 10Preparation
InMarch,with just a
Year 10pupilsweregiven
amorning to contemplate
their future. Pupils
Theatre company . Their
“Prepare forWork
gaveeachpupil access to
gain tips andpractical adviceonpresentationandbehaviour skills atworkand theemployer’sexpectations and
attitudes that canhaveaneffect ongetting theverybest out of your experienceofwork.
Thedaybeganwithpupils enjoyinga theatrical performancebyValueTheatreCompanywhogave someuseful
scenarios. Thegroup thenwent into groups, todiscuss the issues that arose from theplay,with theactors to tryand
determine the right courseof action.
Thishasbeenpart of a rollingprogramme for Year 10 ingetting them ready for theworldofwork. Theyhaveworked
withavarietyof outside facilitators and teacherswhohaveofferedadviceonpersonal presentation, interview
techniques and thedevelopment of their CV’s andput this all intopractice.Wewishall our pupils a successfulwork
experienceand look forward tohearingabout their experiences.
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